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Earlier this year, rumors about an RPG and MMORPG set in the Avatar: The Legend of Aang universe were circulated. The information suggested that the productions involve a game dedicated to consoles and another without platforms speculated, with both being in development "in secret" and for quite some time.

Aang and his pals could be very close to re-launching on consoles. According to a listing on Japanese Amazon, Avatar The Last Airbender: Quest for Balance will arrive on November 8 on PS4 and PS5.

The alleged game is in development by GameMill Entertainment, Nickelodeon's All-Star Brawl and Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues. If the information comes true, this will be the first published title in the franchise since 2014.

So far, there are no further details on the story, visuals, and official cover art. In addition, the project also has chances to reach other platforms.

However, as nothing has been officially confirmed by Nickelodeon or the developer, the game's release should be treated as a rumor.

More details about Avatar The Last Airbender: Quest for Balance will possibly be revealed at a later date.
The Apprise In Technology! Giving Voice to the World of Technology
In addition to iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch is also loved by many consumers. It has been reported previously that Apple is developing a Pro version of the Apple Watch, and the new product will be released together with the Apple Watch Series 8.

According to previous news, the new Apple Watch Pro will have a different design, a larger size, and a more expensive price.

First of all, in terms of appearance design, the Apple Watch Pro will have a brand new design, with a more durable casing that is more suitable for extreme sports people.

It is reported that the case of this watch is specially made for sports enthusiasts such as athletes and hikers. This material is likely to be a new titanium alloy, which is stronger than aluminum alloy.

The dial size of the new product will also be larger, and the screen will also be made of shatter-resistant materials, making the product more durable.

It is reported that the Apple Watch Pro will have a larger size than the current 41mm and 45mm, the diagonal screen size is expected to be 2 inches, and the screen resolution is 410×502.

Since the size of the Apple Watch Pro has become larger, it is expected to be equipped with a larger battery and provide longer battery life. It is reported that the battery life of the new product can be maintained for several days.

In addition, Apple Watch Pro may support body temperature measurement and add car accident detection functions.
The Apprise In Technology! Giving Voice to the World of Technology
Inflation has occurred all over the world recently, resulting in high prices of raw materials and logistics, and many products have increased prices as a result.

But Nintendo recently said that while the cost has risen, the price of Switch will not increase because of it. Hence, maintaining its normal price.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said in a recent interview that even if production costs rise, they won't raise the price of the Switch to offset the costs.

He said semiconductor purchases began to improve in the late summer of this year, although the future remains unclear and the problem of insufficient production may continue.

Nonetheless, the main reason for the Switch to keep the price the same is that they want to avoid a situation where consumers don't want to buy because of the price increase, and try to provide consumers with the unique entertainment method of the Switch.

In addition, in addition to the Switch hardware, game software is also the main source of income, so it is also important to maintain the demand for the Switch to achieve the smooth development of the overall business.
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Out of excitement and so much anticipation, God of War Ragnarok fans has been doing incredibly job. First, it was a concept video of fight between Kratos and Thor. And now, we some fans has designed Ragnarok-themed PS5 concept. the result actually looks amazing.

For now, the market has not yet received any PS5 themed officially. With that in mind, a couple of Brazilian artists decided to style their own console version using the God of War Ragnarok theme.

Anderson and Débora are partners and create several very cool concepts for Sony's new generation console. On the couple's Instagram, several other games, such as the first GoW (2018), Red Dead Redemption 2 and Assassin's Creed Valhalla provided inspiration for very different versions of the device.

Adapting well the atmosphere of God of War Ragnarok, the two plates of the PS5 simulate marble with well highlighted details.

The blocks have golden lines and the symbol of the wolves in the middle is surrounded by Nordic runes, representing with excellent fidelity the theme of mythology.

In addition, the franchise symbol is stamped right in the middle of the console, with a chain hanging from the back - possibly to refer to the Blades of Chaos. Can you imagine a PS5 like that on the shelf?

In a post on Twitter , even the director of the 2018 game, Cory Barlog, praised the work: “Congratulations to the talented creator”.
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According to the latest earnings report released by Krafton (formerly Blue Hole), in the first half of 2022, Krafton had a total revenue of $729.5 million, an increase of nearly 3% year-on-year.

Net profit, however, rose nearly 31% year over year to $338.4 million, the company's highest half-year net profit to date.

Krafton's overall mobile revenue reached $550.7 million, more than three-quarters of its overall revenue. Among them, the PUBG Mobile game has the greatest contribution.

Officials say that the PUBG Mobile game currently ranks second in sales in the global mobile game.

In addition to these financial numbers, Krafton also said that PUBG has seen an influx of more than 80,000 new players per day after switching to a free-to-play model in January 2022, and that average revenue per user (ARPU) has grown across all platforms, A year-on-year increase of 20%.

AndroBliz has learned that Krafton will officially reveal the new IP of "Unknown World's" at the 2022 Game Show in Cologne, Germany in late August. The background of the game is a sci-fi world with imagination. Powerful turn-based game.
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Awarded “First 3D survival horror game” by Guinness World Records, Alone in the Dark is the conceptual father of modern horror games.

With tense atmosphere, silent environments and gameplay based on combat and puzzles, the title creates a supernatural experience in the year 1923, in a haunted residence in Louisiana.

During this Friday's showcase (12), THQ Nordic announced the Alone in the Dark reboot, which will come to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC at an unannounced date.

One of the surprises of the event, the title will feature mechanics similar to those of Resident Evil 4 and The Evil Within, highlighting the complete graphical overhaul, sound system improvements and expanded script.

The title is a new generation edition of the classic Gothic horror, originally released in 1992 for PC. In it, players will be able to experience perspectives through investigators Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, sent to explore the surroundings of Derceto Asylum - a kind of mansion that keeps secrets about a cult and nightmares.

Check out the terrifying trailer below, with strong psychological horror elements:
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BMW of Germany will start mass production of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) jointly developed with Toyota, which has cooperated in the field of environmentally friendly vehicles, as early as 2025.

In an interview with Nikkei, BMW Senior Vice President Peter Nota said that BMW will start the trial production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV) before the end of 2022, and continue to promote the construction of the hydrogen refueling station network. Mass production and public sales will begin later.

He said that BMW released the concept car of the SUV FCV "iX5 Hydrogen" at the Munich International Auto Show in Germany in September 2021. It will start trial production before the end of 2022, and plans to start mass production and sales after 2025. . Peter Notta also emphasized that "FCV has a high affinity with large SUVs".

Peter Notta said that he is still promoting various plans related to fuel cell vehicles with Toyota, and hopes to cooperate with Toyota in fields other than FCV in the future.

AndroBliz learned that at the 2021 Munich Auto Show, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen completed its debut. BMW officially said that the BMW iX5 Hydrogen will be the most efficient PHEV plug-in hybrid vehicle BMW has ever built.

The biggest difference between the BMW iX5 Hydrogen and the normal version of the BMW X5 is the addition of a similar exterior design to the iX3 pure electric vehicle.

BMW is equipped with two "hydrogen tanks" made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials on the car, which store the hydrogen required for driving at a pressure of 700Bar, and can store a maximum weight of about 6Kg.

It is worth mentioning that the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in terms of energy replenishment are very obvious. This vehicle only needs 3-4 minutes to fill up the hydrogen tank each time, which is even shorter than that of traditional models.

In addition, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen prototype is equipped with BMW's fifth-generation electric motor. The electric motor on the rear axle can provide 125kW of power, with a combined maximum power of 275KW. The overall power level is comparable to a BMW X5 equipped with an inline six-cylinder engine. Even more torque.