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Today, according to recent report, Apple officially warned users who use the old iOS device to upgrade it as soon as possible because starting from November 3, the GPS positioning, time and date of this part of the old device may appear to be problem.

Apple officially said: “Users using older devices need to update their devices to the latest iOS version by November 3 to ensure their GPS, date and time are up and running”.

“If the user does not update their device to the latest version of iOS before November 3, some older models may not be able to perform accurate GPS positioning”.

According to reports, Apple issued this warning mainly for iPhone 5 and earlier models, iPad 4 and earlier models.

In other words, iPhone 5 or iPad 4 users need to upgrade to iOS 10.3.4 at least, while older devices need to upgrade to iOS 9.3.6 to avoid device problems.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

Not too long ago, Xiaomi launched the Mi Mix Alpha 5G that is completely surrounded by the mobile phone's screen. This mobile phone is however, equipped with 108 megapixel camera. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has launched the device but it's not yet officially released for the masses to get their hands on it.

And now, some leaks about the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 has already started teasing online. A designer by name Behance, recently released a related rendering of the Mi Mix Alpha on the website.

It can be seen from the figure that the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 2 adopts a rolling and telescopic OLED screen design, and has a scroll-like design on both sides of the mobile phone. Hence, the screen can reach 7 to 8 inches when unfolded.

According to Behance, the device is named Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha P, and the "P" stands for "Papyrus". The difference between this phone and the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is that the phone uses an unfolding and telescopic folding method to make the screen larger than usual.

The above news still remains a mere rumor as Xiaomi officials has not confirm it. But of course, we can look forward to it as this is just a concept, maybe the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha second-generation mobile phone will use this design.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 Photo Gallery

The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

The month, on 25th October, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be out and we finally know how the game’s post-launch content will work. Many fans will be pleased to know that it will be totally ditching the loot box system, with what may be a more consumer friendly plan in place.

Activision and Infinity Ward will be updating the game with a Battle Pass system, much like many live-service games such as Fortnite. There will be no Season Pass, or DLC map packs in place either, in attempts to keep the community on the same page.

All content that has an impact on the game-balance can be unlocked by simply playing, hopefully eliminating a pay-to-win situation.

The new Battle Pass system will let players see the content they’re buying ahead of time, without the risk of randomization. Each season will have new content for you to enjoy, with various rewards to unlock, based on in-game progression.

Best of all, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will receive both free and paid content as part of its Battle Pass system, with various cosmetics, weapons, and attachments to unlock.

With the game’s inclusion of cross-play support, a healthy mix of free and paid content, and the shift to what will hopefully be a more consumer friendly in-game economy, Infinity Ward may be trying to keep players in mind with this latest installment.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

In North American market this year, Nintendo Switch has been the best selling console, outselling both PS4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, it has now hit 15 million sales milestone, according to recent report.

Nintendo has announced through a press release that the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, which launched in September, has now sold a cumulative 15 million units in North America. The system launched in the market in March 2017 and has continued to perform well there.

Nintendo has reported an increase in hardware sales, with a percentage of 20% year after year. This can be attributed to the success of major new software that has launched this year including Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Mario Maker 2, and Astral Chain. However, Nintendo is also launching a brand new Pokémon for release later this year just in time for the Holiday season.

Nintendo President of America, Doug Bowser has this to say “As we enter our third holiday season, Nintendo Switch is creating smiles and enjoying broad appeal, with more than 15 million consumers across North America playing their favorite games whenever and wherever they like.”

Bowser further added “We are bringing Nintendo Switch owners even more fresh and unique entertainment experiences, like Ring Fit Adventure, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020, adding to the system’s large and diverse library of games.”

Another important metric that was shared in the press release was regarding the number of million-selling games on the Nintendo Switch.

Apparently, there are 14 games that have crossed the one million sales mark in North America making it a successful territory for Nintendo. Four of these have sold more than six million units. This includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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Not quite long ago, SONY finally announced that it will release the next generation of consoles by the end of 2020, and it will be named PlayStation 5.

I believe by now, many game lovers have already started saving money for the upcoming PlayStation console after seeing this news.

While many game lovers have spent a lot of money buying consoles from generation to generation, the touch of PS5 may seem to be a new turn around as recent report claims.

According to recent leak, the PS5 game console can run game discs of all generations, which means that the PS5 can support PS1 , PS2 , PS3 and PS4 game discs, and thus, pointed out that the PS5 is a future-oriented and past-oriented game console.

If the news is true, this is great news for many players. Previously, Xbox One was widely acclaimed for backward compatibility. I believe SONY should enhance the advantage of SONY through this PS5.

It is reported that PS5 uses AMD Zen2 architecture 8-core processor, Navi core GPU, ultra-high-speed SSD, handle new shock and a lot more.
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While iPhone 11 has improved Apple's revenue drastically, recent report claims that Apple still sits at the top as world's best brand of the year, 2019.

Of course, we are heading to the last months of the year, and this is also the stage where organizations conduct a summary of achievements throughout the year.

According to Interbrand who recently released the ranking list of the world's best brands in 2019 states that Apple's revenue increased by 9%. However, the rankings are evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Financial efficiency from products / services
  • Influence of the brand in purchasing decisions
  • Competitiveness, customer loyalty and long-term profits

This year, the rankings did not change much compared to the previous year. Also in this year, many brands have impressive growth rates such as Amazon increased 24% and Microsoft increased 17%.

Even though the leading brand is still Apple with a total brand value of up to 234.24 billion USD, second place is Google with a total brand value of 167.71 billion USD, followed by Amazon 125. 26 billion USD and Microsoft with 108.85 billion USD.

Samsung - the direct competitor with Apple continues to stay in the 6th position, brand value reached 61.096 billion USD, 2% increase over the previous year. The big change this year is the decline in Facebook's value which went down to 12% from last year.

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Back in March, when Samsung launched the Galaxy S10, they described the S10's fingerprint sensor as "a revolution". The S10 has an under-screen fingerprint sensor that uses ultrasound to detect a user's fingerprints and compare it with stored data, but it turns out that the revolutionary for the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is cocooned with accessories and easily gets overtaken if using improper screen patches.

A British couple recently discovered the flaw after a woman pasted her Galaxy S10 with a screen protector she found on eBay for £ 2.70. After registering her fingerprints with the device, she discovered that her other fingerprints - though not yet registered - also unlocks the device.

The husband however, tried to unlock it and the device opened for both of his thumbs. This screen protector also causes the same problem when fitted to another S10. For its part, Samsung believes that users should only use Samsung-approved screen protectors.

However, the company later said it was tracking the phenomenon and will soon release a software update to fix the problem.

Previously, screen protectors were not specifically designed for ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, and when used on the S10, it will cause problems with the fingerprint sensor because they leave a gap, small air, obstructing ultrasonic waves.

It can be seen that Samsung is working quickly to fix this, but also shows that ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology still has many weaknesses.

In the meantime, if you have the Galaxy S10, think of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor as the phone charging system, you need to be careful when choosing a charger for your device, do similar to Samsung advice and use only Samsung-approved screen protectors, from Samsung or reputable brands.

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