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On the 7th of this month was the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 10 series at Unpacked event held at New York City, the devices became available for consumer just yesterday being 23rd of August.

While it is reported that the Galaxy Note 10 series has made a huge sell compared the it's predecessor, more users are still eager to get their hands on the machine.

However, Galaxy Note 10 also follows the trend of perforating screen like Galaxy S10 / S10 +. But the difference is that the perforated screen on Galaxy Note 10 is in the top centre of the device while on the Galaxy S10, the perforating screen is located at the top right of the device.

Hence, the Galaxy Note 10 has quite a lot of interesting wallpaper option which of course is suitable in the screen as the camera cutout is in the middle. Most netizens are focused on looking for pictures of cartoon characters to easily coordinate with black holes on the Note 10 screen.

Additionally, some cosmic photos are also very suitable for making wallpaper to cover round holes on Galaxy Note 10. Meanwhile, here is a summary of some interesting wallpapers which can be suggested to a Galaxy Note 10 users.

We have however, compiled and uploaded them in cloud as a zip file. To download the complete wallpapers, click on this link but before then, do take your time and scroll down a bit to watch the preview of the wallpapers you're about to download.

Galaxy Note 10 Wallpaper Previews:

The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

While We have seen improvements in the 2019 iPhone camera, it seems that the machine will also receive other upgrades that won’t be noticed at a simple glance.

A report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Debby Wu however made it clear and thus, reveal many rumors for the upcoming Apple devices.

Apparently, 2019 iPhones will have more new features besides their new triple camera. It has been said that they may be stylus compatible, but it doesn’t stop there.

This new report claims that Face ID will now be able to capture a wider field of view. Which means that you will be able to unlock your device even when placed on a table.

On the inside, we would also receive a new co-processor called “AMX”, and it would also improve performance in gaming.

Maybe the most important one is a new matte finish that would include new shatter-resistance technology. This would be convenient, considering the prices Apple charge for their repairs.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

Not long ago, Google officially announced a new version of the Android system known as Android Q and now, Google has made it clear that Android Q will be named Android 10. Meanwhile, this OS is the 10th major version of Android.

The name Android Q has also been removed by Google, which means that the next generation of new systems will not be Android R. The renaming move was all based on feedback from users.

According to Google, the name of each version of Android comes from eatable substance like food or dessert, arranged in alphabetical order. Although very interesting and unique, in such a way that the name is not understood by many consumers.

This also makes it difficult for users to know if the Android system running on their mobile phone is the latest version. However, this change of name is to make it easier for users to understand.

Additionally, Google also changed the design of the Android logo, they changed the color of the logo font from green to black. The reason is that Google found that green is harder to read for people with visual impairments, so Google has created a new color scheme that makes it easier for users to recognize.

If there is no accident, Google will officially launch the Android 10 system in late August or early September. At the meantime, let us look forward to the arrival of Android 10.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

The Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, apart from being a mouthful, is also Samsung’s most expensive phone to date. And of course, with the exception of the still absent Galaxy Fold.

Based on iFixit ratings, the device is also one of the hardest smartphones to open up and repair. Luckily, it might not easily come to the point that it will need an invasive surgery as it is also one of the most durable, save for one key feature that differentiates the Galaxy Note from all other phones.

Talking about the S Pen, the only thing on any Galaxy Note 10 model that may make it worth buying in the first place. While the phone’s frame may not be stainless steel as Samsung mistakenly advertised, the S Pen, year after year, remains plastic. That very slim plastic stick now houses more sensitive electronics that give the Galaxy Note 10 its edge, thereby increasing the stakes.

Fortunately, that happens to be the only weak point in the Galaxy Note 10, at least as far as durability is concerned. Regarding to JerryRigEverything’s other tests, the 5G phone performs exceptionally well or normal instead. The screen does scratch but only starting at Mohs level 6. Unlike other OLED screens, it however withstands and recovers from heat.

Concerning the bending, irrespective of the large surface area of the phone, Zack Nelson was rather impressed by the durability of the device.

On one hand, the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is a sturdy phone instead. While on the other hand, perhaps it is the model that few will buy because of the $300 added cost for 5G and a bit more. Hopefully, the same durability can be said of the other models so that it won’t have to be repaired for a very long time.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

Could it be that Huawei has this plan all along or maybe it’s because of the second 90-day reprieve Huawei received a couple of days ago, but the company is doing all that can to put an end to rumors.

Even though HarmonyOS exists, Huawei has no plans on releasing a HarmonyOS-powered smartphone this year as Senior Vice President of Huawei “Vincent Yang” said “We want to maintain one standard, one ecosystem.”

Huawei still considers Android its number one option, thus making HarmonyOS a plan B. With the second 90-day reprieve it got, Huawei is hoping that the remainder of the year, and the devices it brings (the updated Mate X, Mate 30-series, and maybe some Honor phones), will be able to continue utilizing Android as a platform. What will happen at the end of these extra 90 days is anyone’s guess.

Yang briefly talked about an upcoming flagship — most likely the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro — and that it will be running Android.

According to CNET reports, “If the ban were to be enforced, Huawei would switch to Harmony on its phones, but that move wouldn’t happen until the last minute when it is certain that the company would be shut out from Android.”
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

If Steve Jobs could see these images, he would probably get mad because he's the one who hates stylus touch pens. This, however, takes us back to 2007 when the iPhone was launched, Apple founder had said “Who wants a stylus? What if I need to take it and then you lose? Haiz. Because of that, no one wants a stylus. So don't use a stylus.”

While Steve Jobs is no where to be found anymore, the current Apple CEO, Tim Cook has create Pencil pens, which can be used on the iPad. And it seems like a perfect accessory for Apple tablets. But what about an iPhone with a stylus? It seems that this is something that Steve Jobs deeply hates has come true.

Olixar accessories manufacturer recently revealed the image of the new clad shell for iPhone 11 Pro. Surprisingly, the back of this case has a groove, which seems to be designed to hold the stylus.

However based on size, it seems that this pen is smaller than Apple Pencil used on iPad Pro. So, if this information is true, Apple may release a special Apple Pencil mini version for iPhone. Last month, Citibank's research division also reported on the iPhone 2019 being able to support Apple Pencil pens.

This is also a special accessory, which Samsung equipped on its Galaxy Note. Maybe Apple has seen the success of the Galaxy Note series, and wants to study it. Who knows?

But it should be noted that Olixar has made us disappointed once. That's when Olixar revealed the design of the cladding case for the iPhone SE 2, with a rabbit ear screen, but the size is only iPhone 5s. However, Apple has never launched an iPhone like that.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Auto News and PC

Huawei took advantage of the calamity that befall the Korean tech giant, leading to the delay the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

While Samsung has become their main competitor, the Chinese tech giant has also pushed the launch of the Mate X back, using this time to iron out any potential problems that might arise in the future.

However, the Chinese tech giant has also use this opportunity to update the foldable both on the inside and outside as well.

The updated Huawei Mate X, which will make it to the shelves, will now be powered by the upcoming, yet unannounced Kirin 990 chipset, which will be introduced with the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro smartphones.

On the camera front, the updated Mate X now inherits the camera system from the P30 Pro. While on the outside, Huawei paid special attention that the updated Mate X won’t have any hinge or display problems like its competitor’s first batch of units.

However, being a 5G-capable device, it is also expected to be more expensive than the Galaxy Fold, which only goes as fast as 4G/LTE.