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To enhance the beauty of smartphone and tablets, wallpapers are needed to make it worthwhile.

However, the interface of every smartphone and tablets boring without a unique wallpaper.

Meanwhile, we're sharing with you some new wallpapers for smartphone, including more than 65 2K and 4K resolution images on many different topics, which can be used for both large-screen models.

However, we have embedded some of the wallpapers below, do spare some time and take a look at the sample image in the article and download it if you like it.

Best Anime Wallpapers For Android And iPhone:

Download Best Anime Wallpapers for Android and iOS

The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

After being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like Apple has started planning to re-launch its new generation of iPhone SE in the middle of this month. However, more information about this device has continued to leak.

Specifically, according to 9to5mac news site, the official name of the new iPhone SE will still be "iPhone SE" instead of iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 as previously rumored. The name iPhone SE was used by Apple for a device that bears the design of iPhone 5s with the configuration of iPhone 6s.

Previous rumors have said that the iPhone SE 2020 will own the power from the A13 Bionic processor, similar to the iPhone 11 series with RAM capacity only stopping at 3GB. Meanwhile, the design of this model will be almost similar to the iPhone 8 with Touch ID, two thick bezels, a glass back and a single camera.

Here are some of the inside, leaked information of the iPhone SE 2020:
Color options:
  • Black
  • White
  • PRODUCT (Red)

Memory options:
  • 64GB
  • 128GB
  • 256GB

Optional genuine Apple accessories:
  • Black silicone
  • White silicone
  • Red leather
  • Black leather
  • Midnight blue leather.

According to analysts' expectations, the iPhone SE 2020 will be priced at $399, lower than the starting price of $449 of the iPhone 8. Meanwhile, the 3D Touch feature will be removed.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

Sony took fans by surprise last Thursday (02) with the news that The Last of Us 2 has been postponed indefinitely. And with the postponement, the Japanese company also decided to remove the game from the PlayStation Store.

The game starring Ellie was available for purchase for $249.99 on the platform. However, if the user now tries to enter the area dedicated to sales of the title, he finds a warning saying that “the page cannot be found”.

When you type “The Last of Us Part II” in the PS Store search bar, the game is also not listed. On the other hand, you can still purchase avatars and themes dedicated to the Naughty Dog game sequence.

It is not known whether people who purchased digital copies of The Last of Us 2 will get their money back, even when the title will return to the platform. For now, Sony has not released an official note on the matter. We contacted the company and, until the publication of the article, we had not received a return.

The Last of Us Part II promises to be an unforgettable gameplay experience, but it will go beyond that. This is suggested by actor Troy Baker, who is responsible for playing Joel in the game.

The actor however, commented that the new game will have a remarkable storyline, to the point of making people question everything. Meanwhile, the title has no definite release date.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

Xiaomi has just launched two new smartwatch models for the children, Mi Kids Watch 4 and Mi Kids Watch 4 Pro. The duo owns many outstanding features such as 20 meters of water resistance, 4G connectivity, the ability to call video call and large screen.

Xiaomi Mi Kids Watch 4 has a 1.78 inch AMOLED screen, a resolution of 368x448 pixels and follows the "water drop" trend. In addition, this screen is also protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and owns the power from Qualcomm Wear 2500 processor.

Mi Kids Watch 4 will own 2 cameras, including a 5MP camera in "water drops" for video calling and selfie. Meanwhile, the remaining 5MP camera will be placed on the side so that children can capture the scenery in the foreground.

According to the manufacturer, Mi Kids Watch 4 will support eSIM and Wi-Fi connection, allowing users to make video calls. The battery on the watch will have a capacity of 920mAh, providing a maximum battery capacity of up to 8 days of use.

However, Mi Kids Watch 4 Pro version will have the feature of dual-band GPS positioning with the camera upgraded to 8MP. Meanwhile, both versions will support NFC connectivity supporting wireless payments.

As for the price of the devices, it is expected that the Mi Kids watch 4 will be sold for 900 Yuan, while the Pro version will be sold for 1300 Yuan.

The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

On February 12, 2020, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S20 trio | S20 + | S20 Ultra with many powerful upgrades in design, hardware and camera.

It seems that at present, Samsung is in the process of researching and developing the next generation of the expected Galaxy Note series known as Galaxy Note 20 series. Recently, a model in the Galaxy Note 20 series has appeared on Geekbench.

Accordingly, MySmartPrice has discovered a model with the code SM-N986U and this is the expected model called Galaxy Note 20+ 5G. The device will have such a name because last night, writer Max Weinbach of XDA Developers posted a tweet saying there were four software versions for this model:

In the Geekbench test, it is possible that the device will run on Android 10 with OneUI 2.1 similar to the Galaxy S20 series. The Galaxy Note 20+ will be powered by an 8-core Snapdragon 865 chip with a speed of 1.80 GHz and 8GB of RAM. However, there will certainly be other RAM variants upon launch.

And of course, Galaxy Note 20+ and Galaxy Note 20 series in general still support 5G network. The rest of the specs such as screens and cameras are still unknown.

Currently, this is the little information we have about the Galaxy Note 20+ 5G model and we're sure to have more information in the future.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

  1. Best Windows 10 Free Themes To Enhance Your PC UI 2020:
  2. Download Best Windows 10 Skin Packs 2020:

Windows 10 being the latest Windows operating system is really something everyone PC user should be making use of because of the ton of plethora and palatable features it offers, though some people think that it drains data more than any other Windows OS but thus, that incident do occur when most apps Auto-start during boot.

However, Windows 10 has a better user interface compared with Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows 10 Upgrade free is now available for everyone on Google and most of them are started using it. Windows 10 on your PC gives the best compatibility and excellent features than that of Windows 7 OS.

As everyone began loving Windows 10 OS on Laptops and Desktops which has an interface like Microsoft Windows phones for Start Button on Windows 10. To add more colors and impressive look for your Windows 10 on PC, I have compiled the 5 Best Free Windows 10 Themes you can download and enhance your PC UI. Hence, it's free to download and these can also be called Windows 10 Skin Packs which makes your Desktop look more attractive than usual.

Download Best Free Windows 10 Themes For April 2020:

1.) StartIsBack Theme:

StartIsBack is a fantastic theme which provides the best user interface and displays the features like Windows 7. If you are addicted to Windows 7 OS then this theme will definitely help you to use Windows 7 operations on Windows 10.

2.) Silk Theme:

Silk Theme is one of the Best Windows 10 Custom Themes which enhances the Operating System features. It will change Windows OS look to a Notebook one and you can customize the colors according to your wish. Download Silk Theme for Windows PC and experience a Best User Interface and Customization is very easy using this Windows 10 Theme.

3.) Penumbra 10 Theme:

Penumbra 10 Theme is one of the Best Dark Theme for Windows 10 PC. This theme is designed to use neutral dark colors for every window on your Windows Desktop. If you are looking for complete Dark Theme then this is the only theme which you have to set it on your Desktop.

4.) Oxford Theme:

You may have heard about Oxford University, Oxford Dictionary, and Oxford Golf Resort but here I will show you Oxford Theme for Windows 10 PC. This theme will changes the entire design of your Windows 10 OS and gives an excellent look to your PC or Laptop. This minimalistic theme is one of the Best Classic Theme that you must try on your Windows 10 PC.

5.) Diversityx VS Theme:

Diversityx VS Theme has the cool glassy transparent interface and looks classic on your Windows Desktop. Download Diversityx VS Theme for Windows 10 which is one of the Best Classic Theme and also the Best Custom Theme for Windows OS. It changes the entire outlook of every window and customizes the color and texture in a different way.

Download Windows 10 Free Themes In 2020

Windows 10 themes are really alluring, there are more of them out there in the internet but most of them are not free (paid) whereas there are other ones that are not paid but doesn't look good. Trust me, these ones in the list are really mind blowing and a must try themes/skin packs. However, the download link are also provided.

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In addition to developing the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft also plans to develop other versions of the operating system from Windows 10 for applications on different devices in the future.

Recently, the technology giant at Redmond has mistakenly confirmed a new OS version. Some time ago, several sources leaked information about Microsoft developing and testing Windows Core OS (WCOS).

This is expected to be a lighter version of Windows 10 and will be running on future Surface devices such as Surface Neo, Surface Hub 2, Holo Lens... Windows Core OS is developed and integrated to be able to suit with personal computer devices, dual screen devices.

Recently, the presence of WCOS has become more reliable than ever when Microsoft inadvertently confirmed this project.

Accordingly in a guide, Microsoft wrote: "Please note: Not all of the Desktop fonts will be in non-desktop editions of Windows 10 such as Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub, future WCOS devices, etc," Not long after that, this document was updated and the term WCOS was removed.

In addition to the aforementioned devices, many sources predict Windows Core OS will be more secure, allowing to run Win32 applications and be applied on XBox, virtual reality devices or IoT devices.