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The advent of iPhone X gave us an initial imagination of full-screen phones. Over the past two years, two generations of iPhone were updated in the middle.

However, the "perfect iPhone" we were looking forward to has not yet arrived. Many people's definition of "perfect" is actually not complicated, but they just want to remove the obscure fringe.

Unfortunately, the current news shows that the iPhone 12 series to be released this year may still not satisfy everyone's wishes. Hence, the iPhone 13 series should bring a turnaround.

According to the latest news released by the foreign god @BenGeskin, the new iPhone in 2021 will be equipped with a 6.7-inch 120Hz display, using MicroLED material, and bangs will be removed, which will bring an unprecedented visual experience.

In addition, he also said that the 2021 iPhone will be equipped with Touch ID under the screen, removing all charging ports to achieve a complete wireless charging experience.

If really as @BenGeskin said, next year's iPhone 13 series will bring a comprehensive upgrade. For example, the ultimate full-screen design without bangs, the new under-screen fingerprints, as well as the 120Hz display and pure wireless charging experience are also exciting places.

If Apple also strengthens its camera and fast charging, the competitiveness of the new iPhone will be second to none in the industry.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

The only thing that can be confirmed about  sony's PlayStation 5 is that it will be released in 2020, because Sony still hasn't revealed any information, it just said that it will not participate in the E3 game show this year, and the PS5 will be in Released at other independent press conferences.

Seven years ago in February, PS4 came out, and Sony may also look for the same point in time to release PS5. According to previous news, someone broke the news that Sony's PS5 will indeed be released next month.

David Jaffe, as one of the developers of two popular console games, "God of War" and "Flame Speed", tweeted a few days ago to predict the release date of PS5: "There are less than 4 weeks."

Jaffe's "less than 4 weeks" indicates that the PS5 may be released before February 15th, and another leaker provided a different version. He said that the release date is February 5th, and Sony will Reservations are open on the day of release.

Regarding the price, according to previous leaks, the Sony PS5 is priced at $499, and there is only one model and one price, but it may be difficult to buy it at such a low price in the early stage of the host release. Meanwhile, we can just say, as February is fast approaching, let us wait and see.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

Last year, the Galaxy S10 brought out the trend of perforated screen. However, the perforated screen was seen at the top right corner of the screen. The Galaxy Note 10 also picked up this trend but this time around, the infinity O was noticed at the top center of the screen.

According to news so far, the Galaxy S20 is however, said to have a perforated screen as that of the Galaxy Note 10, though it'll be a bit smaller.

However, we just have couple of days away from official launch of the Galaxy S20, but the Galaxy S20 wallpapers have already leaked and thus, users can now download and experience the beauty of the wallpapers.

These wallpapers were leaked by XDA. Meanwhile, the leaked wallpapers come in a pack of 10, which includes 8 Galaxy S20 wallpapers and two videos.

According to the source, the final shipping product will have a ton more, something which many fans out there should look forward to. And in typical Samsung fashion, these wallpapers are crafted in such a way that they make any AMOLED display look stunning.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Stock Wallpapers:

Download Samsung Galaxy S20 HD Wallpapers

The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

Back in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn was launched exclusively for the PS4. And now, recent rumor claims that this game might get a PC port and will launch on Steam.

Sony is warming up to the idea of bringing their exclusive games to the PC. This started last year when Detroit Become Human along with other games published by Quantic Dreams were announced as coming to PC.

Sony also develops MLB The Show franchise which was a PlayStation exclusive video game. That has changed now with MLB 20 The Show confirmed to become multiplatform and launching on platforms other than the PS4.

All of this has led to the rumor coming from Kotaku today, and it is about Horizon Zero Dawn getting a PC port. According to Jason Schreier, who has a solid track record when it comes to reporting on rumors and having sources inside the industry, Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC.

Sony is apparently working on bringing this game to PC. It might come to both Steam and Epic Games Store but the plan is not final yet. Since Jason Schreier’s track record so far is pretty solid, it is possible that this rumor is not another fake one but feels quite credible.

The way Sony is warming up to PC ports also makes it less shocking now, but it is still a surprise move by the company who used to sell their hardware based on the strength of their exclusive IPs.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

According to a recent report by MacRumors, analysts Timothy Arcuri and Munjal Shah have stated that at least two of Apple's new 2020 iPhone models are expected to be equipped with 6GB of RAM, while the two cheaper iPhone models will be equipped with 4GB RAM.

In addition to RAM upgrades, upcoming 2020 iPhone models are also rumored to support 5G connectivity in some areas, new camera features, smaller notch on Pro models and more.

If true, the two iPhone models are clearly the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 (likely named iPhone 12 Pro Max) and the 6.1-inch iPhone 12.(could be called iPhone 12 Pro) will be equipped with 6GB of RAM along with three rear cameras with 3D sensors, AR support.

As for the other two low-cost iPhone models, measuring 6.1 inches and 5.4 inches, the source said they will be equipped with dual rear cameras and only have 4GB of RAM.

Analysts also believe that this year all four iPhone models will have an OLED screen. In addition to these changes, all iPhone 2020 models will also have a bigger battery than the current iPhone 11 series.

iPhone 2020 could support 5G connectivity in some areas when just yesterday, longtime Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple will sell 80-85 million iPhones with 5G support this year.

The report also points out that not all markets will receive 5G-enabled iPhones. Two cheaper iPhones can only support Sub-6GHz 5G while the two Pro models are supposed to support mmWave 5G.
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Microsoft has officially launched the Edge Chromium browser for Windows 10 users today. Edge Chromium browser is highly rated, likely to replace Google Chrome in the future.

Edge Chromium has all the features of Google Chrome due to the same Chromium core support for installing extensions on the Chrome Store. However,

After installing a new browser, you can sync Google Chrome bookmarks to Microsoft Edge browser (Chromium). As you can see, the welcome interface of this new browser is quite similar to Opera, Coc Coc with title frames quick access to popular websites.

Microsoft will allow you to synchronize data with your Microsoft account, change the default search engine to Google. Plus light advantages, fast browsing speed.

Now Microsoft has officially released, I think you should install and experience how it works by clicking on the below link.

Update the download link from the Microsoft homepage, supporting all operating systems: Download New Microsoft Edge Browser
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

For more than a decade, the European Commission has promoted a unique charging method for mobile devices. It is known that this promotion will encourage technology vendors to voluntarily adopt a single charging standard. However, in the future, a method may be considered.

Recently, several members of the European Parliament called on the European Commission to take legal action, to force every smartphone manufacturer to use a single charging method for mobile devices.

In a statement after the debate, Commissioner Maros Sefcovic said that the committee is currently planning to consider and approach the legislative to address this issue.

It is expected that the European Commission will have a plan to vote on this issue at the next meeting. If this requirement is true, Apple must remove the lightning port on the iPhone device, but instead is USB-C.

Reportedly, lightning port first appeared on the iPhone 5 generation, this connector was created to replace the 30-pin port on the iPhone 4s.

Previously, there was some information that Apple will remove lightning port on the new iPhone 11 Pro generation, but this has not come true.