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Google announced a amazing feature for all people to create themselves  a Search result of Google. Now we can find us of Google via search query.
Google has introduced recently that allows you to turn yourself into a Google Search result. Sure, you heard that proper. Now you can create your personal “People Card” on Google Search with information about your name, occupation, location, work experience, phone number, e-mail address, and more things.
Points to know
  • You can now create you own "People Card" on Google to find your self in Google Search 
  • This Google's new feature is currently available in India
We’re all used to looking up famous folks on Google. When you seek for a well-known personality, Google often produces a knowledge panel within the results. This search result gets information from trusted sources and presents it in an easy-to-understand, simple format.
However what happens when you find via query for yourself? Unless you’re someone famous, all you’ll come across is some social media profiles or random mentions of other people with the same identify. But now you'll be able to change that.
Creating a People Card for your self is very simple and easy. All you want to do is sign into your Google Account and simply search for your name or write “add me to Search” in the Google Search bar. “The more info you provide, the easier it's for people to find you,” says Google.
“It’s like a virtual visiting card, the place you can highlight your present website or social profiles you need people to visit, plus other information about your self that you wish others to know,” Google writes in a blog pos"t.
As soon as a People Card is available for someone, you’ll see a module with the name, occupation, and location of the person. You'll be able to tap this module to see their virtual card. You’ll see multiple cards for individuals who share the same identify.
Just one People Card can be created per Google account, and a phone number is required to authenticate the account. If you want to unlist your self, you'll be able to delete your People Card at any time. Google says it additionally has “a number of mechanisms” to protect people against abuse or spam. However, the company has not detailed those measures.
People Cards in Google Search are now rolling out in India. They will be available only in the English language for now. We can't say anything about when Google will roll out the feature for the World.

The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

In the current era, the fingerprint sensor below the screen is increasingly popular and has been brought down by many manufacturers in the mid-range segment. However, with the optical sensor, there is one thing you may not know.

Specifically, on a post at the Reddit forum, a member discovered inside the hidden system settings of the Mi 9T, Xiaomi allowed users to see what the camera (of the sensor hand) at the bottom of the screen can be saved.

To demonstrate, a user has shared a feature screen recording video on Twitter. Although the image quality from the camera under the screen is quite poor, but according to Mishaal Rahman, member of the forum X.DA-Developers, this is a serious flaw and needs to be fixed.

Currently, Xiaomi has not responded to the above information. Plus, whether an update fixes this will be released in the future is yet to be confirmed.
The Apprise In Technology! A blog site that specializes on Smartphone Review, Tech News, Gaming News, Gadgets and PC

Hello frinds, In this tutorial, I am going to tell you how you can run Windows 10 on your Android smartphone. Follow me to know How to run Windows 10 on Android Phone.
Just like me If you want to experience the operating system of Windows 10 once, then you can use it inside your android phone.

In the above image we can see how great the windows 10 looks, Just try it once in your android smartphone.
let start

How to Run Windows 10 on Android

To run windows 10 on your android phone you have to download an application from playstore - Limbo PC Emulator.
You can also download it by clicking here.

Once you downloaded and installed it then you need a ISO file of Windows 10, you can also download it by clicking here.

Don't worry it is sufficient to run Windows 10 in your android phone just follow the steps - 

STEP - (1) Open Limbo PC Emulator:

How to Run Windows 10 in Android Phone, windows 10, android, android hack


In the above image, you can see Limbo PC Emulator's interface after open it you have to click on Load Machine than New(you can see in above image).


You have to do some settings in Limbo PC Emulator, you can also setup it according to your device below I am showing mine setting (recommended)

Architecture - x64
Machine type  - PC
CPU Model - SandyBridge
CPU Core - 4
RAM - around 800 MB
Hard Disk - here you have to open your Windows 10 ISO file by browsing
VGA Display - vmwire
Boot from Device - Hard Disk
User Interface - SDL
Check the option of Full Screen and High Priority

STEP(4) -  Now you have to click on Start Button (look below in Image)

How to Run Windows 10 in Android Phone, windows 10, android, android hack

After clicking on Start Button you have to wait for a few minutes (around 15 - 25 to install Windows 10 in your Android Phone). 
After this process will complete you can see a beautiful interface of Windows 10, I mean you have successfully Installed Windows 10 on your Android Phone. Enjoy!

How to Run Windows 10 in Android Phone, windows 10, android, android hack


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TikTok, the short video sharing app that’s moved to the center of the economic battle between the US and China, is planning to challenge the executive order issued by US President Donald Trump that may drive the sale or ban the service in the USA.

TikTok  will challenge the constitutionality of the ban and its underlying claims that the video sharing service represents a national security threat to the nation, based on NPR’s report.

According to a report from National Public Radio yesterday, TikTok may file a federal lawsuit challenging the order as soon as Tuesday. The lawsuit is expected to be filed within the U.S. District Courtroom for the Southern District of California, the place TikTok has its American headquarters.

On Thursday, the President signed government orders that put a 45-day deadline on American corporations to unwind their business relationships with TikTok’s parent company, Bytedance, and with WeChat, the messaging service owned by Chinse tech giant, Tencent.

Trump indicates orders to banning US business with TikTok owner ByteDance and Tencent’s WeChat.
TikTok had already laid out its opposition to the executive order when information first broke that the President had signed it.

According to the reprot, the company stated the order was “issued without any due process” and would threat “undermining global businesses’ trust in the USA’ commitment to the rule of law.”

The mechanisms the White House needs to use to ban the app include the Worldwide Emergency Financial Powers Act and the Country Emergencies Act. However claiming that the operations of a subsidiary of a international business on US soil constitutes a national emergency is very unprecedented.

Under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which was handed during the Iran hostage crisis in 1976, the President has sweeping authority to situation tariffs and droop financial relationships with other corporations.

Any challenge to the executive order wants to come soon, because Bytedance, TikTok’s parent firm is also looking at how to unwind its US operations via sale.
After the President’s executive order was announced, Microsoft stated in a press release that it was in talks with Bytedance about buying TikTok.

Micrsofot said: -“Following a conversation between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and President Donald J. Trump, Microsoft is prepared to continue discussions to explore a purchase of TikTok in the United States. Microsoft fully appreciates the importance of addressing the President’s concerns. It's committed to acquiring TikTok subject to a complete safety review and providing proper economic benefits to the United States, including the United States Treasury.”
Analysts and bankers also have stated that TikTok’s US business could be price anywhere from $20 billion to $50 billion, due to the company’s user base of over 100 million customers within the US, based on reports in Fortune.

And other bidders are rising for TikTok’s US business as very effectively. According to The Wall Street Journal, TikTok has additionally engaged in preliminary discussions with Twitter over a possible combination.
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Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2 at the Unpacked event on June 5. This is the successor to the Galaxy Fold launched last year, with a new camera system, a larger external screen, and a hole-punch camera that offers a more elegant and seamless look than the original version.

However, shortly after Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Fold 2, famous designer Ben Geskin gave a vision of what a successor to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 could look like.

After the success of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has launched the next version of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with many upgrades, improvements, and screen fixes. So there is no doubt that the smartphone manufacturer from Korea will release the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the near future.

Smartphones with foldable screens are gaining popularity, with many of the most advanced technologies available. Therefore, Samsung may continue to improve design and new technology on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 like the camera in the screen - a technology that is being cherished and developed by many smartphone manufacturers.

The famous designer Ben Geskin recently posted the first concept photos of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a larger screen, thin bezels and most importantly, the selfie camera hidden in the screen.

Earlier, Mr. Ross Young - founder of research firm Display Supply Chain Consulting and DisplaySearch, said Samsung is in no hurry to implement this technology.

He confirmed that the Korean smartphone maker will not include in-display camera technology on the next generation Galaxy S, be it the Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30. However, Samsung left the company bringing this advanced technology to its future flagship Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Note that this is just a concept photo designed by Ben Geskin, not a leaked image of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. No one knows what the iPhone X will look like a few days before Apple officially announced and this is same thing with Galaxy Z Fold 3..
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Microsoft is now permitting Windows 10 users to run Android apps side by side with Windows applications on a Computer. It’s a part of a new feature in Your Android Phone available to Windows 10 testers currently, and it builds upon the mirroring that Microsoft’s Your Smart Phone app already provides.

Now you can access a list of Android applications in Microsoft’s Your Android Phone app and launch these mobile apps accordingly. These will run in a separate window outside of the Your Phone app, mirrored from your mobile phone.

When you’re interested in trying out the new Your Phone apps feature, you’ll need a Samsung device. Microsoft has a list of all supported Android Devices, but it’s literally only Samsung mobile phones right now.

You’ll additionally have to decide into Windows Insider testing. You may opt in to the Release Preview ring to avoid testing full Windows 10 builds, and it will present access to the Your Smartphone Apps preview before it rolls out socially.

This new Android app support also allows Windows 10 users to multitask with different Windows apps with alt+tab help, and also you’ll even be able to pin these Android apps to the Windows  taskbar or Start menu.

The power to launch apps directly from Your Phone means you no longer have to search around on a mirrored experience of your Android phone, you can simply pin your favourite Android apps to the taskbar and run them as if they’re regular Windows 10 apps.

NOTE:- Update Release on August fifth 5:10PM ET: Up to date article to mention Windows Insider testing requirement, as Microsoft updated its article put up to make clear this is necessary.

One huge a part of this new Your Phone experience is being able to run multiple Android apps side by side, one thing that Microsoft introduced with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 launch earlier at present. Windows 10 users won’t be able to access this particular feature till “later this year” on the Galaxy Note 20, and Microsoft says it’s additionally working with Samsung to convey this to other devices.

Not all Android apps will work seamlessly with this new Your Phone feature, although. Microsoft warns that some could block the ability to cast to other screens, producing a black display as an alternative. Some apps and video games will also not respond to a keyboard or mouse, and others may play audio from your phone.
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Hello Friends, today I am going to tell you, How can you play PUBG Mobile in your PC. You can double the fun of playing PUBG in your PC. As we see al the live streamers, all of them play PUBG in their PC, So you should try this. Let start How to play PUBG Mobile in PC.

PC Requirnments

  • Minimum 2 GB RAM (recommended 4GB)
  • Graphic Card (for amazing experience)
  • Internet Connection (to download some stuff and play PUBG)

STEP (1) -  Download Bluestack

Bluestack software use to run android applications in PC. We are able to access a full android system in our PC via Bluestack.

You have to download a tool to run PUBG Mobile in PC, Download Latest version of Bluestack according to your system bit (32 or 64). You can download it by clicking here
How to play PUBG Mobile in PC, Play PUBG in PC, Download PUBG in PC
Image credit - Bluestack

After download completed Install it and run.

STEP (2) - Download PUBG Mobile

  1. Install and run Bluestack
  2. Go to Play Store available in Bluestack.
  3. Search PUBG Mobile and download it.
How to play PUBG Mobile in PC, Play PUBG in PC, Download PUBG in PC

STEP (3) - Start Game

Once you start gaming in your PC, it is quite simple but you have to do more work now. Start game and check for issues if you found nothing it means you can play PUBG Mobile in your PC.

STEP (4) - Customize Key Settings

The most important thing while playing PUBG in PC is how you control you emulator and play smoothly.
To customize settings of your movement settings, Open training mode in Game and then tap on Key Mapping floating in right corner.

And then Tap Support Option (check below Image) 
Download PUBG in PC,How to play PUBG Mobile in PC, Play PUBG in PC,
You can easily customize keys to perform gaming. Select keys according to your feel or habit.


Nowadays PUBG is becoming most popular game around the world, almost every gamer play PUBG game because this is really a creative game, it feels like real world.
So let me know friends how you feel about this article about How to play PUBG Mobile in PC If you feel this is informative that share it with your friends.