First persons games are really one of best and top games an Android gamer should get along with, which has high graphics, great sounds and animated videos in Android device. Back then when Android was first released, first persons games only play on Android with high quality, UpTo 1GB RAM and other things, then only few devices like Samsung Galaxy S2 HTC sense and other big devices are capable of playing it (not meant for all devices) but now you can play it on any device but the problem is that the graphics or sound may not be the same (for small devices with 500mb RAM).

In other ways we're not here to share with you the devices that can play it or not but to list out the first persons game and also how to make it to be compatible for your Android device no matter how small or big your phone memory is.

Top 10 Best FPS Games:
1.Modern Combat (Sand Storm):
Though this game graphics is not as good as the current Modern Combats bit I bet that you'll love it.
Hear a little story mode about it:
you play as an American soldier who has received a task on capture of the terrorist. Action happens on the Middle East, in several locations, such as hospital, laboratory, palace, majordomo, port, desert, building and others. You will see a wide choice of the various weapons, including rifles M16 and AK-47, RPG-7 grenade launcher, MP5A5 machine gun, an easy machine gun M249 and a sniper rifle M40.

2. Modern Combat 2 (MC2):
If I were to say Modern combat 2 is the longest game and also interesting, this game have part one and part two which comprises of many days in each part of the game. The game story is unique and what you must not like to miss, get a glance of the games.

An improbably realistic shooter with magnificent graphics! As an American infantryman, you receive a task to capture the terrorist. Pass through 12 interesting missions in various corners of the Earth. In the game there’re 15 types of weapon. There is also a multiplayer (4 various modes) with possibility of game up to 10 people at the same time.

3. Modern Combat 3:
A wonderful game with good graphics, sounds and animations which supports almost all the Android devices that have been produced so far.
Also Modern Combat 3 (Fallen Nation) is the best three-dimensional shooter from the first person which possesses really magnificent graphics, a remarkable engine and a dynamic gameplay.

You should pass the way from Los Angeles to Pakistan and become the witness of large-scale battles in the fight for freedom of the USA. The game allows to take pleasure in realistic military operations where you act as one of the American soldiers. At your order there will be some types of weapon, grenades, C4 explosive and other. The game is simply saturated with a large number of special effects, qualitatively traced locations and additional actions.

Additional opportunities are also added: sprint, rifts, overcoming of obstacles and others. From the game features it should be noted possibility of modification of arms and an excellent multiplayer. In network game some modes will be available: maintenance, destruction, helicopter fight, pursuit 4 on 4. This game requires an additional space of 1.37GB free space storage to be able to run on your device.

4. Modern Combat 4(Zero hour)
It's indeed a great, action and interesting game with army story mode.
Modern Combat 4 is a new story line of a popular action game from Gameloft. The game continues the plot of the third part, but with a completely new story. The new Havok engine designed especially for mobile devices is used in the game.

Its main feature is a possibility to realize very qualitative and realistic graphics; download the game and test it. Astounding skirmishes with even greater number of special effects and adrenalin are waiting for you as in previous games. This time you can play as the good (as an American soldier), or as the evil (as Edward Page). If you compare the previous part with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, you can also note a greatly improved multiplayer mode.

5. Modern Combat 5 (Blackout):
Having played Modern Combat 1-4 and you haven't play Modern Combat 5 then you haven't completed the game. At first Gameloft introduced Modern Combat 5 as online game, many people had debated about the game to be produced in offline mode because of many reasons but till today Gameloft company has not come to a solution to the problem.
Short story about the game:
A new shooter where you'll fight for U.S. armed forces both as a rescuer and a terrorist.

6. Brothers in Arm 2 (Global Front HD):
An appetizing game which is capable of making you kill your battery, grab a little glance about it. A remarkable shooter about World War II. You are waited for by 50 tasks at any of 5 fronts: Pacific Ocean, Normandy, North Africa, Germany, and Sicily.

You will operate various vehicles: from jeeps to tanks. In your arsenal there will be different types of weapon, such as various machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles, grenades, flame throwers and so on. In the game there’s beautiful graphics and a multiplayer with possibility of game up to 5 people at the same time. Tremendous graphics and reliable places, which are based on real places of battles of the Great Patriotic War.

7. Call of duty (strike team):
Well nothing much is expected to be explained here, but the game is not what you'll love to miss, both the graphics, sound and animation looks a worthwhile. In this game you're allowed to set your phone in anyway you want it, either to be first persons game or to show in full, you'll know more about it when you play the game.

Little story of call of duty (strike team):
the USA was unexpectedly attacked. Carry out a number of confidential missions to track down and to destroy your enemies.

8. N.O.V.A (Near orbit vanguard):
It's indeed an interesting alien vs army game with well cooked story mode that you must not miss. Talking about graphics, sounds and animations I must say that they're unique and properly arranged.

Grab a little grip about the story:
Defend humanity's near orbit colonies from hordes of evil aliens. In this Android game you act as an elite unit soldier. You'll have combat missions on various space stations currently held by aliens. Wade through the corridors and rooms, open automatic doors, and hide behind covers. Destroy alien monsters with a variety of weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, grenades, laser weapons, etc.

9. N.O.V.A 2 (Near orbit vanguard): 
This is the continuation of N.O.V.A.
A little story about it:
a tremendous game in 3D format. The continuation of a cult game narrating about battle of people and space newcomers. Events of the second part of the game are developed 6 years after the previous war. Now people again are in danger and to rescue the earth you will need to destroy not one hundred of alien soldiers.

According to the plot in the game there’re 12 long chapters, with a set of missions and maps. It is worth noticing that the weapon with which you will pass the game has a property of upgrade, in an arsenal about 100 improvements.

Also for received as a result of successful mission coins you can buy a new armor and weapon. In the game there’s a multiplayer mode allowing to collect to ten people in the field of fights. The game differs with bright graphic elements and competent musical background.

10. N.O.V.A 3 (Near orbit vanguard): 
This is the continuation of N.O.V.A 2, though it's story mode is not actually the one of N.O.V.A 2 but I guess that you'll understand it better only when you play the game in your Android device, grab a glance of the story:

The most impressive and the most fascinating shooter from the first person for your phone! It is one of the most beautiful series, and continuation got even more beautiful and realistic graphics.

The physics strikes imagination with its realness – everything falls, flies away and destroys as well as in realness. Animation and textures smooth are well worked. The world became even more interactive, and now you can use any vehicle which will get on your way. You should protect the planet from overseas aggressors.

Thus, it is possible to use quite wide arsenal of arms from guns to a fantastic plasma machine gun, including grenades, mines and static turrets –more than 10 types.

There’s a support of 12 players in network game and 6 modes of game (Point capture, Flag capture, Survival, etc.) on 6 maps. Play on 10 fascinating levels scattered on the whole galaxy – from the Earth captured by war to the city of volterites covered with a crust of ice.

Rounding up:
If you're the type that loves first persons games, then the above listed games are for you and yes, they are offline too


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