How to disable licence verification in Android 2020 || App verification|| Gameloft verification
Gameloft company is known as one of the top game company in the world. They're good in producing HD games for Android, even when Android has not come out - Gameloft produce exclusive games for Java phones and Symbian phones back then.
It is so annoying when you download a game including the the OBB data only to find out that it requires some verification. The question is - the reason why Gameloft company include license verification in their games.

Having conducted some researches - I come to the conclusion that they make include licence verification in their device must to make sure that it is downloaded directly as they uploaded it in Google play, that means - they won't like where their games are played by people who don't buy the game. Back then Gameloft games are being sold and you can only get it in Google play store and no other third party site to interrupt.

However some website designers buy those games and make it available for those who don't have the money to buy the game. This is the main reason behind the license verification code in Gameloft's game "the don't want other third party site to intrude".

Sometimes when verifying some of Gameloft's game you'll notice it'll say verification failed or get the original copy. But not to worry, I've come up with a better idea of how to eliminate license verification in Gameloft's games. Thus, there are some requirements needed to accomplish this task.

The below before steps will work on all Android Apps, forget the fact that I used Gameloft as an example and the reason was that they are popular and well known in the world.

1. You must have a rooted Android device.
2. Xposed installer.
3 Lucky patcher.

1. Launch your Xposed Installer app
Go-to FRAMEWORK and click on install and after that go back and click on MODULES then you'll see Lucky Patcher - click on the box beside it "mark", next is to reboot your phone.
2. After rebooting or booting, launch your Lucky Patcher app, scroll and locate the Preferred game you want to patch, then click on the game - a drop down menu will be displayed to you and now click on open menu of the app.

3. Click on REMOVE LICENCE VERIFICATION after which you'll click on Auto modes. On his next page that'll pop-up, be sure that it's only Auto mode will be marked. And now on APPLY and VIOLLA - the game will start patching.

Install the game after the patching is completed.

And now you're good to go "it's done"
Note: This might result to the force-close of the game, so I suggest that you copy the main game Apk in two different folders and then use one to perform this operation.

Finally you can now play licenced game freely on your device without going through any form of verification.

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