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App auto update can be one of the worst thing to encounter in a smartphone - be it Android, Windows or iOS devices.

Normally, app auto update has already been set in any device before purchasing it.

Updating an app is a good idea though but somethings along the update it might turn out to be worst than the previous version because of the new bug that you might notice.

App auto update normally occurs when you're using Wi-Fi network connection "Connected to another device" thereby wasting the persons data bundle.

If you take a glance closely you'll notice that somethings during automatic app update - it'll find it difficult to access your store "where you download legally e.g Google play store for Android".

This mostly happens when you're in a hurry to download thing from the store but how can you download when you already have one item downloading "the update".

Also you'll notice that it'll be hard to terminate it if you haven't launch your store before the auto update begins itself.

Regardless of all, auto app update can be so annoying. Take for instance that you have Bible installed in your device - what essence does it make to update it or is it that a new prophecy has been added to it.

So you'll notice that it is a waste of time, data and battery. Maybe the programmer added small thing in it "maybe change the interface or changed the words there in to a bigger grammer".

Now, is this something to waste your time for since it's the same thing that was there in it before is still there even after the update.

However, having looked in to this issue - I thought that it'll be a good idea to share with you how to disabled (turn off,  restrict) Auto-update Apps on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

This auto app update feature has bitten more than it could chew - in fact, it's an ache to the head however, I'm sure that you'll be able to tackle this problem after reading this article.

How to stop app auto-update in Android device:
Among the three specified devices mentioned in this write-up - Android device is the only device which can grant the user the access over go e automatic app update.

With Android device you can make a choice of how to auto update or to cancel the feature - three options will be shown to you (Do not auto-update apps, auto-update app anything "data rates apply" and auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only) and as a user you'll be the one to enact which one to use.

Steps on how to stop auto-update app in Android device:
Below are the required steps you must take to evict app auto-update in Android device.
  • Launch your Google play app
  • Tap on the option key "3 horizontal line on the top left hand side of the app".
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap on Auto-update App
  • When you open it - you'll notice that it's in auto-update apps over Wi-Fi. To disable auto-update app, click on do not auto-update apps.
  • You've successfully deactivated auto-update
You can also update apps manually thereby selecting your preferred apps you want to update.
To do this you have to follow the steps below.
  • Press back key or rather navigate to home
  • Click on the option button
  • Then click on apps and games
  • Two options will be displayed to you "installed and all"
  • In the installed you can find your outdated apps at the top waiting for your approval for them to update.
  • And on the right hand side "All" you'll find all your installed and uninstalled apps in case you thought that you've lost it permanently.
By following the above steps, you've successfully deactivated auto-update app on Android device.

How to stop auto-update apps in Windows:
Windows devices I must say don't have a lot of users, Android device have taken place in terms of device OS but anyways even with the little population of Window phone users - complains are still laid because of auto-update app update and how to deactivated it especiall on Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 gives the ability to pick updates for all apps. Moreover, you can get updates over Wi-Fi network or Cellular data/Data bundle.

However, you'll come to the end of this problem when you finish reading this write-up.

Steps on how to deactivate auto-update apps in Windows devices:
  • Launch your store
  • Click on the option button "3 horizontal dots at the bottom right hand side.
  • Flip switch other than update apps automatically to turn it off or try the other way round.
  • You can moreover turn on just get update over Wi-Fi between to avoid updating using your cellular data or Data bundle.
The above procedure is how you can disable auto-update app on Windows phone with no much stress.

How to disable auto-update app on iOS devices:
iOS users can feel minimal compelled - as it doesn't grant access to disable/enable auto-update for separate apps.

You can only have two choice to choose one - either to disable auto-updates for all apps or enable it.

However you can choose whether to get the latest app version over Wi-Fi network or Cellular data "internet connection".

iOS performs better with latest version apps and system updates because iOS don't have much apps compared to Android "AOS".

Whereas you can still deactivate auto-update apps by having a glimpse to the below procedures.

Steps on how to disable auto-update apps in iOS:To accomplish this task, the below procedures must be followed.
  • Firstly go-to your Settings => iTunes & App store.
  • Disable all auto-update apps, click on the green switch, followed by updates or you can as well flip the other way round.
  • Turn on the off chance that you might want to get auto-update on. Anyways, when connected over the Wi-Fi network, just turn on updates or use your Cellular data instead.

The above procedure is how to disabled (turn off, restrict) auto-update Apps On Android, Windows and iOS devices but you'll only have three to options to choose one.


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