Next tutorial is ONLY for advanced computer users with experience. This will work Windows & Linux

  • Computer with Linux or Windows 
  • Spotify app, Latest will do just fine
  • Notepad, Mousepad, Any notepad app
First of all navigate to the spotify directory on windows it's located under Appdata (Search %appdata% and go under roaming) go to spotify/apps and delete, repeat this step each time spotify updates. 

On linux open your Terminal app and execute following command:

$ sudo thunar 

for this tutorial im using thunar, you can use any file manager just make sure you are browsing with superuser access.

Navigate to /usr/share/spotify/apps and delete

Follow procedure is same for all operating systems:

Now you are going to add all these following domains into your hosts file. i have included hosts file right here so you can just replace it with yours and you are good to go but if you are on LINUX keep following.

Hosts file location is /etc/hosts on Linux and on windows its c:\windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts 
after following operation is done open your spotify and Voice ads and Banner ads will be gone for good.

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