Samsung galaxy s7 Injustice edition theme for all samsung devices with theme store. This can be done with rooted and non-rooted devices. With root you will get batman logo on always-on-display.
  • Samsung Device with Android 6.0.1 / 7.0
  • Internet connection
  • Package Disabler (Only non-rooted)

First thing you need is the apk of the batman/injustice theme. You can easily download it here and then just install it. Once you try to apply it you will notice that its trial. To remove trial you need yo move theme from /Data/overlays/json/trialjson to where full version themes are located (the other directory) -- this method is only for rooted. For non rooted you must apply 5 minute trial and open package disabler (any disabler will do just fine) i have package disabler pro which costs around 1.71€ then search for "Theme" which will show two packages "Themes" and "Theme Store" tap on it to see details and clear data and then disable. Same procedure for both packages. CLEAR DATA FOR THEMES PACKAGE AFTER REBOOT TO AVOID THEME REVERTING.

Now you will have injustice theme on your Samsung phone :-)


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