How to edit Android app using my phone || how can I create my own app on Android phone || here's how to create Android app for free

Editing Android Apk is not what everyone know that it's possible to be done using an Android phone.

Basically, editing an Android app is just like hacking the app "you have no license to do so except if the owner of the app permits you" because you're just modifying what someone has already created.

Is just like to say that you're now rebuilding it to your own quality or just to recreate it using your own details thereby making it your own.

Editing an Android app doesn't mean that you've created your own app, it is known as modifying someone's already made app (emulated, copied - just few things are changed) but you don't have the build number license so I guess that you'll still use the person's build number because if you input incorrect or non-registered build number, the Apk won't work.

Regardless of that, people edit Apk just for fun and to show their friends what they're able to do without using PC. However, you can't just do it alone you need some assistance or do you think that you can just edit app without using anything to modify it? Or maybe you think that you can extract it and after adding what you need in the app then will compress it.

No, it doesn't work like that. Programmers has done a lot work to produce an app modifier or app editor that can help you execute such task without having much stress.

That's why am introducing to you Apk Editor pro "this is sold in the Google play store" and there's also a free version in the Google play store but doesn't contain all the works the pro version can do. So I'll only advice to to get the pro apk if required

APK Editor is a powerful tool that can assist you to edit/hack apk. However, this app modify's string localization, background image replacement, layout re-architecting, and even ad eliminating and a lot more. What it can do depends on how you use it.

Editing Android App is not what can be explained in details because it contains lots of features, It only require attention and focus "that is - read what is written in each line of it to know what you can input there, you can as well skip it if you wish".

The knowledge is in you and am certain that you can do it because this app is easy and simple to use " even if you're a novice".

Please Note: this app is only for fun and personal use,  don't make a mistake of rebuilding what someone has already programmed and upload it. So please don't misuse this app for your own benefit, hence AndroBliz should not be held responsible for any inconveniences.



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