Some Android smartphone do come with a good camera but not all Android phones, in today's tutorial, I'm going to show you how to turn your Android device into a DSLR Camera (wow). Anyways, before I start with the tutorial, I'll like to explain what DSLR means because I'm sure that is not everyone that clicked on the link of this post actually knows the meaning of DSLR and that's one of the main reasons I'll like to explain the meaning to get the along.

DSLR actually means Digital Single Lens Reflex, a typical example is a separate camera with high graphics. Having known the meaning of DSLR camera, maybe I'll proceed with the tutorial on how to convert your Android device into DSLR camera. This tutorial is applicable to all Android OS version and yes, before I proceed - I'll like to ask one question. Do you think that DSLR is for real in Android phones? for me, it's yes because I believe and know so - well I don't know for you, it depends on you or rather should I say that I might convince you when the tutorial is completed. Let's tackle the problem and get to tutorial without consuming much of your time, of course that's what am doing already.

If most of you can remember correctly, there was one camera that came up back then by name Google camera, some call it lollipop camera because this camera was invented along side with the Lollipop OS. Unfortunately, this app is nowhere to be found in the Google play store and I can't be able to provide you with the app as well because you need to get your device's version of the app so I guess you'll be making use of your search engine and for better results, try making use of Chrome browser to search for it in the Google.

Ahm, To check your Android phone version simply follow this steps (i.e if you're finding it difficult to know your device version/OS) Go-to your Settings => About phone and you'll know the version of your Android device. Let's continue before I get carried away with teaching you how you can know your device version.

After you must have downloaded the Google camera/Lollipop camera, Install and launch it in your device. For some phones, this app might crash when it is launched for the first time but don't panic - simply exit the app and relaunch it again and you'll get your Google camera working properly and for those who already have Google camera installed in their phone as a stock app (built-in), there's no need for you to download it again.

Google Camera have all the necessary things that can convert your Android smartphone to be DSLR camera but sadly, some Android version (Lollipop and below) doesn't have all it takes to be able to produce a DSLR Camera. However, DSLR Camera consist of two different main features which are the BLUR LENSE and the PANORAMA. Also, there are other features which are HDR, AUTO SCENE etc. Still yet, Google Camera can be used but only BLUR LENSE can work on Google Camera - the BLUR LENSE feature is already enough to give you the camera you desires but for the PANORAMA, No third-party app is needed for it because it is already integrated in Android camera.
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You can as well check out other apps which can perform like a DSLR Camera but unluckily, some of these apps have pro version and free version. This means that your access towards the free version of the​ app will be limited and going for the pro version will cost you some doe but not to worry, I'll include the ones that you can deal with and can also work smoothly even without upgrading to pro version of the apps.

One of the best and greatest camera that will be on your mobile phone and on your tablet. It has very nice features and shapes available, you will feel like you're using HD camera and with the professional camera you will get the best video, best photos and Share photos and videos on social media in an easy way - that's why i prepared for you Professional Ultra Full HD DSLR Camera and video application.

However, it possess all the camera features including up-to-date features, up-to-date design, up-to-date content and new style zooming camera and video application with you. Also this camera Supports Best Zooming quality, it is mind-blowing camera with HDR Effects, HDR Improve images captured in low-light and backlit scenes.

Sincerely speaking, I was astonished that this camera could produce a clear shot. I didn't expect much feature in it but I was really surprised when I made use of it, though I only tried taking photo with it at night and it was superb. Well, I haven't tried making use of it during the day time but since the outcome was appetizing during night hours, I'm sure that during daybreak the camera won't have any competiting third party camera.

I rate this camera to be one of the best third-party cameras and​ I also included it in my write-up which indicates how good this camera is, maybe you should try it and see what all trying to explain to you. This camera packed many alluring features most of you must having been looking in cameras for God knows when. Anyways, to make it short - this camera is really good and you can try it as well.

I included this camera because of those that doesn't have panorama feature in their camera, This camera "Panorama 360" is one of the best among all the panorama cameras which has high rate downloads and good comment review in the Google play store. I haven't used this camera app before because I have this feature in my phone camera but I made use of this particular panorama camera because of the review people gave in the Google play store and that's why I suggested that it'll be good for you as well because others have tried it and it worked for them so you can still try it out.

DSLR Cameras are regarded as the best cameras, based on the meaning of DSLR which I already said easier in this post - I'm sure that you've gotten your answers.

Secondly, In this post, I said that the Google Camera can't be found in Google play store. Yes, it's true but it is still in Google play store, maybe it was hidden " I can't explain though" but after I downloaded the camera from Google, I got a notification on my phone which says that Google Camera needs update. So in order not to waste your time searching for Google Camera that'll be compatible for your phone, i will drop a Google play store link on where to get it.

>>Download Google Camera Here<<



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