Android has done it again! because of it's free form mode, In terms of the three different popular OS (Android, iOS and Windows) of this era, Android has been the first OS to be able to have COMPUTER EMULATOR in it. Many people have already anticipated it to come on iOS or Windows but unfortunately it was first made available for Android phone.

Yes, when Android was Launched for the first time, programmers tried as much as they can to make Android emulator for computers and now, reverse of the case. Thanks to ENERGYCUBE Developers for making it possible for Non-PC users to be able to make use of all the Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10) using their Android devices.

However, there are many ways to make computer OS to run on Android apart from LIMBO EMULATOR which many people have come across today though it's a new Google play store app. For this tutorial, I would have love to make use of other means but it seems that using LIMBO COMPUTER EMULATOR is more easier and simple to understand by most of the people. Hence, I already know that many people have come across this particular tutorial which am about make a write-up about but if you need another means of making Computer Programs run on your phone simply make use of the comment box to demand for it so that I'll know if I should make it available on my next tutorial here on AndroBliz but note that I can't make a post about it when there's less than 10 people that demanded for it.
In order not to prolong words, I'll like to commence with the tutorial.

Before starting with the tutorial, there are some necessary downloads required to perform this task so at first I'll like to drop the download links of all that is required
★ Limbo Computer Emulator
★ Download Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 OS here
★ Windows 10 OS

Among all the Windows listed above, you have to select the one you want to download/install in your Android smartphone so you don't have to download all the Windows except that you have much internet data and device storage to pack all the Windows in your phone or maybe you want to try out all of them.

How To Install:
Having downloaded all that is required and also installed Limbo Emulator then let's begin with how to make any of the windows run in Android phone.

★ Firstly, Launch your Limbo Emulator, allow the initialization to complete then follow the below steps.

★ Click on LOAD MACHINE and select NEW, now add new machine name (your preferred name).

★ Click on USER INTERFACE and select SDL.

★ Your ARCHITECTURE must be in ×86 for good result unless you want to try out ×64 but note that you're on your own if your phone breaks.

★ CPU MODEL, select QEMU32.

★ CPU CORES should be on 1,

★ Put your preferred ram storage in your RAM (RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY) MEMORY but it must go in accordance of your device ram (you can use 512).

★ Now, you're entering in to the storage section i.e where you can make use of your file manager. Simply move the downloaded window to the limbo folder in your file manager (it should be pasted immediately after limbo folder, no other folder but once you open the limbo folder). Note: the limbo folder should be in PHONE STORAGE and not in SD CARD - anyways, I'm not too sure where to paste the limbo folder but mine is in PHONE STORAGE.

★ Skip other options below and go straight to MISC inside the misc you'll see the VGA Display, Sound card, Network, Network card, DNS Server etc.

★ Next, click on VGA Display and select STD

★ Skip all the options below and go to ADVANCE then Mark FULL SCREEN and your ORIENTATION should be in LANDSCAPE

★ Finally, click on the PLAY button at the top of the app (limbo) than wait for about 5mins and you'll have your Window OS running on your Android smartphone.

With the above process, you can run Windows operating system on your Android smartphone. I must say that this procedure is a little bit old but it was introduced earlier this year. Hence, if you need another different method or procedure on how to install Windows OS in your Android device, simply make use of the comment box below but note that I can't make a tutorial about it when there's less people demanding for it.


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