Hello guys, do you ever remember the first mobile phones​ that was produced? it just started​ with this huge black and white phones that looks like bricks then there are flip phones and slide phones but several after it's smartphone and now it seems like everyone has one.

You probably noticed that lightly the smartphones started looking alike, that's why in this write-up I'll like to drop the list of the unique smartphone that you probably haven't seen before or will I say that you can never believe that such phones really exist.

Each of this phone has unique designing​ causing edge technology and without wasting much of your time, let's get started.

★ NOKIA 888:

This phone is an example of flexibility, the soft frame will allow you to bend the phone to any direction or position you want (it could be around your wrist, bend inwards and outwards, fold it etc).

The phone suppose to be 5 millimeter thick and apart from that, this device will have a built-in systemic cable that allows it to move or bend if you get a message or call.

The liquid battery will be used for energy supply and we have to anticipate for it soon in the market because it looks alluring.

Furthermore, there are some other features which it possesses​ such as built-in Antenna, Flexible touch "of course the phone is already flexible", Moves during incoming call "because of the flexibility", Speech recognize, Unique Flexible Shell and for the headphone - it'll come with Nokia 888 Concept Phone and it is regarded as the most flexible headphone.


When unfolded, this phone looks like a remote control with a big screen. Nevertheless, the Lenovo Cplus can be used around the wrist.

The very first time the phone was shown to the press in a close event at San Francisco, the representatives of the company (Lenovo) said that the screen can still be cracked like shattered glass when rolling it.

However, the electronics inside the Lenovo Cplus is divided into different segments until the phone can be used as a smart watch and the interface changes according to the way you want to use it.

Extra, this phone also possesses it's own features as well but I'm not going to mention all of them "the ones that are considered to be the key fact".

It is said to come with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage, diving into the camera - it is said to be packed with 13 MP for the primary camera and 5 MP for the secondary camera.

The Lenovo cplus is said to run Android 6 "Marshmallow" (I guess it'll have nougat update) also Octa Core Processor in terms of performance and the battery is no less than 2500mAh.


This smartphone is the new web dream for all the video game fans, this is more than fun and has an unusual design because it slides, flips and rotates. Instead of the usual keyboard under the screen, the creator of this project inserted a set of unusual game buttons (a D pad and Flat sticks) so basically it's specialize for gaming and it's fun.

However, the Nintendo plus runs Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor in addition of 5.1 inch full HD screen with an AMOLED panel. Also, there's a kick slider and rotation opening mechanism in the mix which serves as a means of making the screen slide up, down and around to your preferred position.


The heart of this phone is a multi-core processor, it has 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash memory but the main features is that this phone have four cameras and some of them can be controlled with gestures.

Other features of Arubixs portal is stereo phone speakers, wireless charging, GSM and LTA support,a barometer, an electronic comfort, a GPS navigating system, a movement sensor, a chip for wireless payment and the possibility to immerse the phone in water upto 32 feet.

It seems like this phone have everything you may think of but the more the better it'll be.

However, the screen is protected against​ scratches and frame is made up of resisting material and as the matter of fact, this phone will be used as the modified version of Android.


Believe it or not because now you can assemble your own phone and renovate it with new pieces, the smartphone has four modules - the screen, camera, accumulator and the sensor. You can as well protect the construction with a cover, you can easily change the battery, camera, the screen and the main modules including the processor, RAM, flash memory and the video processor.

Moreover, the Eco Mobius has an​ industrial design, all the components are installed in a transparent plastic frame - the less you see inside the transparent of this transformer.

Nevertheless, the smartphone have already been announced last year and it has been unveiled in a mock-up version.

However, the phone is divided into three independent section which are the LCD, Core, and Batteries.

Talking about the LCD modules, it includes the screen and the camera; The Core section comprises of removable modules (CPU, GPU, RAM).

ZTE will develop various models to 4.9, 5.8 and 7.9 inches. Unlike the Project Ara modules are smaller and therefore more difficult to produce.


This unusual phone works along with the Windows phone 7, the folding designers designs the guarantee of the phone because the screen is usually closed up by the button flips.

A little bit of the screen remains uncovered​ between the flips in order to show you most the important notifications (eg messages, missed calls, time and date etc).

The device opens fast and reselect, press the two clicks at the left and right sides of the frame. Moreover the triple flips can fold out towards the left, like any other phone.

This one has a visual Keyboard but for those who love retro phones, the device have quality Keyboard at one of the sides - however, it is a great smartphone for movie lovers.

This telephone bends 270° and the screen also provide you with the best angle for watching films. Thus, you can also connect it to Monitors, HD Panel or Television.


How many screen does a modern cellphone need? On like most phones of nowadays, maybe two… No, I believe that three is the matching number.

Even among modern phones you can find multi headed Cerberus but instead of three heads - this gadget has three screens and having three displays on Android is just a perfect solution for multitasking.

You might think this is unreal but the three screens in the mobile can be used with different apps running different mods "One app for each screen or for running the three different screens".

The three screens are especially useful for running three different files at the same time and the keyboard at the back of the screen is just what you need to work even better with your flip phone.


When closed this smartphone has no difference from a usual PDA only a little bit thicker and normal" 13mm" but when you open it - you'll be amazed that is two 4.3 inch LCD display screen.

It's huge display can be used to work on one app in four mode or two different apps at the same time - if you're watching a video for instance, you can enjoy it on both screens "just place it standing on a table so that two people can watch the same video at the same time."

It's cool right? But this smartphone has couple of problems, the battery capacity is not the best and one charge will not be enough for a full day of work.

Secondly, it is also fragile when closed - the screens are unprotected and you might end up breaking your phone.

This are the top 8 smartphones that you can never believe that it exists. Honestly speaking, I haven't seen any of these phones but I believe so much in technology and it's updates so I have no reason to doubt if they really exists or not but I'm sure that such phones exist "maybe not yet familiar with us.


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