Gesture is one of the best features of an Android OS but the problem is how to locate them and also make use of them, at first when I started using an Android phone - I wasn't able to make use of gesture, in fact I'll say that such thing never cross my mind for once. I first experienced gesture with GBOARD thanks to Google for inventing such feature in their keyboard. Well, I must say that almost all the moves you make in an Android phone is gesture but the question is if you notice it whenever​ you operate your android phone.

If you haven't noticed it for once before then know that bringing​ down your notification panel is a gesture. Thus, I'll like to highlight you a little bit about gesture and what it is all about but before that let's know the meaning of GESTURE. Gesture is just making move i.e moving a body from one position or will I say that it deals with sign, gesture on Android phone can be done even with or without touching your Android phone (I.e works in handy with SENSOR). For instance, most of the Android phone especially from Android 5 (Lollipop) and above makes use of gesture when taking selfie Camera, though not all the Android device have this feature in their camera.
Anyways, that's by the way. let's now go-to how to make use of gesture in your Android smartphone.

Where To Locate and How To Make Use Of Gesture:
Firstly, I'll like to introduce the ones you're related with (I mean everyday activities).

Earlier, i already said about the one in camera by making use of two fingers up (Peace sign) when trying to take selfie camera. Note: it counts down from 3 to 1 before any shot is taken using gesture.

Gestures can be seen when bringing down your notification panel in an Android device. However, you can navigate straight to the QUICK SETTINGS by making use of TWO FINGERS to bring down the notification panel.

Gboard is a good stock Android app to describe gesture, though many people call it GLIDE. Gboard thought me so much about gesture and I've been making use of it while typing with my Android phone. There are many gestures in Gboard but it depends on how you notice it.
Firstly is the TYPING METHOD, Instead of you to be typing messages one after the other - you'll notice that it consumes a lot of time, sometimes when you want to press an alphabet it'll press on another key or sometimes click on two difference keys but using gesture you'll find it more easier to use by just swiping the key to the other keys to form a word (I.e if you want to type COME, simply click on C move it to O then to M and finally to E )
NOTE: To make use of this feature, make sure that you've mastered the location of the keys on your keyboard to avoid giving you wrong word.

Secondly is MAX DELETE METHOD in Gboard, instead of deleting sentences one after the other, simply hold on the DELETE BUTTON in your keyboard and swipe it to the left and it'll mark and delete all of them at once.

Thirdly is AUTO CAPITAL LETTERS AT THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE in Gboard. Sometimes while typing in Android, maybe you want to write someone's name at the middle and you know that a name cannot be started with small letter so instead of wasting your time in clicking on the CAPLOCK then click on the ALPHABET you want, simply hold the CAPLOCK and move it towards the alphabet you want capital letter to appear on.

This feature was first noticed on Android 7 (Nougat) so don't expect to have this feature on Android 6 (Marshmallow) and lower versions. However, it is seen as Multi-Tasking because you can be making use of two different launched apps at the same time. This feature as well is a normal Android Nougat feature whereby you can split your screen by long pressing the RECENT KEY. This same feature can also be triggered using gesture but to do that, you need to activate some settings in your Android Nougat device.
To do this, simply bring down your notification panel and long press on the SETTINGS ICON at the top of the notification bar for like 5secs then remove your finger and you'll get a pop-up message that says "CONGRATS, SYSTEM UI TUNER HAS BEEN ADDED TO YOUR SETTINGS". It'll now navigate you to your settings, scroll down till you get to SYSTEM UI TUNER - tap on it, click on OTHER then turn on split screen swipe up gesture. Now to make use of gesture to get split screen action on your Android Nougat, simply swipe up your RECENT KEY and you'll see it happening.

To make use of zooming action on an Android device isn't a new thing to us, in fact it is one of the first thing an Android user must know but there are few features and methods to zoom without making use of two fingers. many have tried the one of DOUBLE TAPPING but the look it gives isn't impressive (it's just like making it too big). However this DOUBLE TAP Feature can only be done on images/pictures. Thus I'm going to bring to you how you can zoom images using gesture, it's not just about images but also it's applicable to browsers (Default Browser/Chrome Browser) but not all browsers.
To make use of the new trick of zooming, all you need is to DOUBLE TAP and hold the second TAP then use gesture "up or down to zoom in or out" (i.e TAP, TAP + HOLD).

Chrome browser as we all know is one of the best browser ever and it's one of the Google's​ property, also there are some gesture found in Google Chrome Browser. Hence, it's quite alluring for those making use of Chrome Browser as their favourite (e.g me lol). The most enticing features in Chrome Browser is switching to another tab using gesture, there are two ways to switch to another tab in your Chrome browser.
The first one is by swiping left or right on the search bar to open another tab and the second way is by swiping down from the search bar to have the list of the tabs that are open then select your preferred tab..

There are gestures which are applicable using third party apps, is not that you cannot apply it using your phone but it might be  too difficult for you to locate or make use of. A typical example of Third Party App Gesture is NOVA LAUNCHER, not only Nova launcher but other apps like Apex launcher, All in one gesture screen app etc can be able to perform gesture features too.
Maybe I'll also include other third party apps that enables gesture but at first let me talk about the Nova Launcher which I already mentioned.

Now, I'll like to drop steps or procedure on how you can locate gesture in Nova Launcher through it's quite simple but many people doesn't know about it. To locate gesture in Nova Launcher, simply long press on the screen or click on the menu button if it's available then some options will be displayed to you. Now click on Nova Settings after which you scroll down and find GESTURES AND INPUT then setup your gesture as you want to set it.

Apex Launcher and  All in one gesture app are good apps that can make gesture so alluring but it looks like they perform in the same way Nova Launcher does and that's why I won't be needing them in this write-up. Hence, if you haven't been impressed with the above gestures, I'm sure that the one am about to include will entice you. However, I'm talking about………(keep calm, don't rush lols).

Making use of Kinscreen app, this app can be downloaded from the Google play store and it's a free app to try. This app deals with waking up your Android screen without even touching it which means that it deals work sensor. To wake up your Android screen with this app, simply wave your hand across the screen and your phone will wake up immediately. This app is for everyone and it works perfectly​ in any Android version so you can try it out as well.

Rounding up:
Gesture is and will remain one of the best features of Android, having known the meaning of gesture and some of the top Hidden gestures in Android, I'm sure that it'll interest you to know more about gesture.


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