YouTube pictureThe population of the YouTubers are increasing day by day but yet there are only few quality videos with good graphics in YouTube, some people joined YouTube for just to answer a YouTuber (namesake) while some who actually know what they are doing and are there to guide others - also, make money through it.

Recently, online job seems to be the most suitable and easiest way to make money nowadays and YouTube happens to be one of them.

Most of the YouTubers nowadays don't have enough resources to get the equipment they need 'Something like Video camera, Drone, DSLR Camera, Computer etc' and it turns out making their video and editing to be rough while some makes use of screen recorder for video production. This problem is commonly noticed amongst the newbies.

However, you can still make a great video using an Android phone, though it'll be difficult for you on start but as time passes by you'll get use to it but if you actually have the intention of making a good video then it won't be any difficult for you because you must have think on how you'll begin using your self experience.

Hence, some people thinks that screen recording is the best way to make a video tutorial but unfortunately it's not 'especially those using their phones screen recording' because it won't give you the best video quality because of the resolution and that makes your video to be blur for the viewer to watch and I bet that you can only get not less than 10 views.

To what use the video when it is blur, there's absolutely nothing to benefit or learn from the tutorial.

Well, I must say that I'm not an expert in making YouTube videos but I'm trying as much as I could and the little experience I have is what I'm sharing with you because I know that it'll be of help to most of you reading this article.

Thus, I'm introducing to you the 5 Best Must Have YouTube Apps For YouTuber [May 2018] - with no further delay, let's get started.

5 Best Must Have YouTube Apps For Android — Top Free Android YouTube Apps For June 2018:

Intro Video Maker:
For a YouTuber, the first thing that will come to his/her mind is producing his/her Intro Video.

Intro video marks as a sign of identity of your channel which suppose to be present in the video you uploaded so as to recognize you or your channel, Intro video is a combination of music and the picture or video you used.

To produce an intro video is not an easy task for a YouTuber and for great quality and graphics then it demands a computer for that, some do pay other professionals to make an intro video for them but since you don't have the resources or the necessary equipment for it then I suggest that you make use of intro video maker, though it's not perfect but at least it'll give the viewers what they really want. It's a free app in Google play store and I'm suggesting that you try this app out.
Android intro maker

This app is for image designing, I'm sure that most of you must have been imagining what work can image do in producing a video.

My question for you is, have you ever think of how an amazing looking video cover show in a YouTube video while when you click on the video you can't find the cover anywhere. Well that's because that's because it's the work of an image editor which is now turned to a thumbnail.

However, there are other image editors which includes Snapspeed, Pixlr etc. However, all these apps are free apps from the Google play store.
PixelLab image editor

YouTube Creator Studio:
Hmm, what can be the work of this YouTube Creator Studio?, I'm sure that's what will be running in the mind of most of you reading this article.

This app contributes a lot in producing YouTube videos, do you care to know why? According to what I already explained in the Pixel lab article right up, I asked a question regarding to how beautiful image cover is used in a YouTube video instead of the exact look and while you click on the video, you won't see such picture anywhere.

This is known as thumbnail, with YouTube Creator Studio you can definitely create thumbnails for your videos but to do that, you must have verified YouTube account.

Hence, you can still verify your YouTube channel using this app as well. It's also a free app to try and I suggest for a great video cover then you go for this app.
YouTube studio Creator

Viva Video Pro:
Viva Video Pro is a paid app in the Google play store but you can definitely get it from other third-party sites when you search for it (i.e when you don't have the money to buy it), Viva Video Pro also contributes so much in making YouTube videos as well.

This app helps you to merge the video you cut together, music, animation, transition recording and also more can be added in the process of merging the videos.

Hence, you can still go for the free trial app in the Google play store but the problem is that there's a watermark in it and you'll be restricted in some features.
Viva Video Premium apk

★ Legend Pro:
Legend is an app that can be used to create animated text, there's nothing much to explain in it but it is a great app a YouTuber needs.

This app is no where to be found in the Google play store - anyways, I can't explain but I searched for it but didn't find it, guess you try searching for it as well and if you don't find it then search Google.

However, I'm unable to provide you with the link because I'm not to give out any third-party link for an application apart from Google play store.

Best Free Android YouTube Apps For June 2018:

With the aid of the top 5 must have apps for YouTubers, I'm sure that producing and creating YouTube videos won't be difficult for your again.

Hence, it'll increase the video quality and also fetch you more subscribers, likes and views. If you this write-up really help you, please support AndroBliz by Subscribing to our YouTube Channel and also do drop your comment in the comment box below.


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