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Mod is anything you can apply on any device to give a different look from the previous look but this time I'm talking about Android device, All Android device gives a lot of abilities that needs to be figured out by its users. It could be added to rooted devices or non rooted devices with the aid of third-party app but unfortunately, the idea of rooting an Android device before being able to apply mods on an Android Smartphone is not what anyone can tolerates because they believe that it can create some kinda loopholes in their phone thereby exposing the phone to malware which can cause damage to the phone.

Definitely, mods are often known as what can be applied in an Android phone which have access to root permission. Rooting and customization in Android works handy but due to the fear of not getting anyone's phone damaged, mods are now also made available for both rooted devices and non-rooted devices as well. However, non-rooted Android users are limited/restricted in making use of some mods.

Despite from not having your Android smartphone rooted, there are still thousands of mods that can be applied without having your phone rooted and that's the essence of making this post, at least to make you understand that you can still customize your phone to your own quality. Thus, in this write-up, I'm going point out the Top 5 Best Android Free Mods To Apply On Android Without Root. Hence, you have to know that Android is all about customization 'be it with root or without root'. Secondly, the free form mode an Android devices was made with, makes it to be more easier for anyone to customize regardless how difficult it might be to you. Anyways, in no further ado, let's get started.

Privacy Screen Guard & Filter:
According to the name 'privacy screen' I'm sure that you've already gotten an idea of what I'll explain, Privacy screen is a good Android mod anyone can apply without having his or her phone rooted. This app works in protecting your screen from your nosey friends, it feels so horrible when you're operating your phone and someone near to you if piping on your phone to see what you are pressing. However, you can still put an end to this problem by installing privacy screen to your phone, it gives you the ability to reduce or increase the screen Brightness of your phone which allows only the user (the person pressing the phone) to see what he or she is pressing without any other person seeing it. It's a free Google play store app to try, and to put an end to this problem of nosey friends looking indirectly to your phone, I suggest that you download this app.
Privacy filter

Side Bar:
Side bar is a free Google play store mod app you can apply to your Android device as well, it helps the user to launch app through the side bar. Should I rather say that this app helps the user for a quick launch of any application using the side bar - the user are to give the configuration of the apps they want to appear on the side bar. However, it's not just about launching application through your side bar but it is in addition of adding the contacts you want to appear there as well and also the quick settings is always enabled but can be customized by the user. I suggest that you try this app and am pretty sure that it'll be of a good use to the user. At least, Mark out your favourite apps, contacts and quick settings.
Quick Launch

This app is not a new app to most of us, regarding to the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6, the common features they came with is a rounded corners display. However, you can definitely possess this same feature in your Android smartphone despite that you don't have the above mentioned devices but it can only be possible with the aid of a third-party app. Cornerfly gives you the rounded corner display which you're eagerly waiting for, this app came to existence even when the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 have not been launched. Apart from that, I guess all the new devices that will be in production will also possess rounded corner display as one of the new features integrated in it. However, this app is also a free Google play store app to try and I suggest that you download it if you really need rounded corner display on your Android smartphone.
Rounded Corner Display

3D Hologram:
This is the best mod I've encountered so far, I don't think that it'll be more attractive when it's in written form but not to worry, I'm going to provide the video for you by tomorrow unfailingly. Subscribe to AndroBliz YouTube channel and hit the bell button so as to get notification when it is uploaded - Anyways, I'll still explain how this app works though it might not be too clear to understand when written.
3D Hologram gives the user an amazing display on his or her Android device, it's just like a live Wallpaper  but it's different from it though it'll be classified as a live Wallpaper. This app also allows the user to create his/her own Hologram and also upload it - 3D Hologram is just like a community where you make live Wallpaper, upload it, others will download and rate it as well. Honestly, it's a cool app to try out, free app in the Google play store, it's root free and compatible for all android phones.
Live wallpapers
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Screenshot Assistance:
Most of us know what screenshot means and how to screenshot using an Android phone (Power + Up Volume buttons together) but unfortunately, most of the Android phones are now faulty because of that action and it's getting some of the buttons of the Android phone weak. However, screenshot in Android phone brings out only one or two options from the notification panel 'which are share button and delete button but sometimes delete button don't appear'. Hence, you can still not trouble yourself in pressing two buttons just to take a screenshot which might bring a side affect there after. You can possibly make it more easier for yourself by activating screenshot action on your home button, this works by long pressing or holding the home button for some secs. Without being told, this app works for Android 5+ 'lollipop and above' because KitKat devices and lower version makes use of us home button as their recent key as well. Thus, this app also have it's own features which might interest you to know, it gives you the opportunity to crop the screenshot to your desired size before saving, share your screenshot 'if you want to share it immediately after the screenshot rather than going through your gallery or photos' and also save or discard screenshot. It's a nice app to try, isn't it?, It's a free Google play store app, and compatible only for Android Lollipop and above.
Crop screenshot

Android phone looks more beautiful when customized, the most lovely part of it is when it is done without rooting your Android phone and all these are with accomplished with the aid of the top 5 best android free mods to apply without root which I pinpointed above.


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