All Android device gives a lot of abilities that needs to be figured out by its users (I'm talking about mod), it could be done using third-party apps which doesn't demand rooting while some of the app requires rooting but not everyone likes the idea of rooting because they believe that rooting might cause some damages to their phones.

Rooting and customization in Android works hand in hand but due to the fear of not getting anyone's phone damaged, the programmers have also made modding available for both rooted devices and Non-rooted devices as well. However, non-rooted Android users are limited/restricted in making use of some mods. Apart from not having your Android smartphone rooted, there are still thousands of mods that can be applied without having your phone rooted.

Thus, in this write-up, I'm going pinpoint most of the Top 5 Best Android Mods that can be applied in any Android phone without having your phone rooted.
Hence, you have to know that Android is all about customization (be it with root or without root). Secondly, the free form mode an Android devices was made with, makes it to be more easier for anyone to customize.

Energy Bar:

This app will put a battery indicator at the top of your screen indicating current battery level. However you can choose the position you want it to display, whether left, right, center or full screen. Also, it can be configured to change color depending on how much battery percent that is left in your android device. Furthermore, you can sign any preferred color for your notification bar - multiple color segments/gradient can also be applied but this feature is available only on pro version of the app and finally, it can be hidden in full screen content in addition of the animation it brings when plugged in charger. Isn't this app great, i guess it's a good mod to try out.


A third party app that indicates music visualizer at the bottom of your screen (below NavBar). There's also another app that does the same thing which is familiar with us (talking about TTPOD) but sadly TTPOD is only allowed to show it's visualizer only when inside the app. However, Muviz will not only enhance your music play, it also elevates your video experience by showing visualizer over your favourite video apps and if you don't have an on-screen Navbar on your phone? No worries, you can still make the app show Visualizer above your Hardware Navbar. Still not satisfied with the customization? Muvis allows you to create your own visualizer or customize existing effect using in-built creator tool. I must say that this app is one of the best mod for non-rooted Android devices.


Cornerfly adds rounded corners to your display for a much smoother look. Android developers are flourishing daily with terrific features. Rounded corner is one of the features that Android 7.0 Nougat came with (Samsung Galaxy S8 is a typical example). Most hardware cases of devices are designed with rounded corners but display itself has squared corners. This application will round your display corners to merge it with your case corners.
Cornerfly offers many settings for customization and you can configure it for each application. Isn't your app superb? However, it's one of the top mod app you can apply in your Android device without root.

Tile Extension:

This app is strictly for nougat users. However, it is a shortcut app that helps you to launch app (Any app, Camera, Settings, Bookmark etc) through your notification bar. It's really a cool mod to try but sadly it's mostly for Nougat users, this app also features adaptive brightness but only when you toggle it on, Ringer mode (normal >vibrate >silent) in addition of Volume preset but works only on paid version of the app. Sleep mode (screen timeout) and others features are also integrated in the app.

NavBar Apps:

This app helps you to customize the navigation of your phone and also helps you choose as a set of battery meter. However, NavBar app is one of the tools that has the capability of changing your Android smartphone into what you can never think of (awesome). You can as well customize your NavBar to your preferred color using this app - Also, you can set your NavBar with a custom image to make it look alluring.

Wrapping up:
The above apps are the Top 5 Best Android Mods That Doesn't Require Root. Like i said earlier, almost all the Android mods requires root access but fortunately, I'm able to provide you with the above listed mod apps which doesn't requires rooting. However, if there's any more app you know that will be added in this write-up, please make use of the comment box.



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