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By mare looking at the word awesome, you already know that I am trying to share some trending applications with you which am sure that you don't know that such apps exists.

Some of these apps might have a look alike feature of some other apps but when you operate them, then you'll notice the differences between them.

As you might be aware, there are tons of Android apps in the Google play store, However, it turns out that the fake apps are far much bigger than the original app (about 78% of the apps in Google play store are fake and when you can be able to find cool amazing app to download, it'll have a Pricetag on it).

There are also some awesome (security, mod and hacking) android apps in the Google play store that doesn't demand buying but they are just few of them. Hence, all Android smartphone provides it's user with tons of abilities that needs to be figured out.

Some of these apps can be Security app which can be used for protecting, they can be Mods which can be used to personalize your Android smartphone while some can be Hacking apps but I'm only sharing it with you just for fun and nothing else, so don't try to use these apps on someone else. Hence, Androbliz should not be held responsible if you got yourself into danger.

All together, they are all different apps from different categories, that's why in this write-up, I will be sharing with you the top 5 awesome android apps without root for August 2017. Without further delay, let's get started.

Clipboard Action:

This is one of the best apps I've come across since I started using an android smartphone, this app helps you to read, locate, search share and also translate your copied content.

Let's take for example, you copied the name of a location, this app will automatically show a map icon to you indicating that you're looking for direction of the particular place you copied.

Also the same thing happens when you copy some other language that you don't understand, this app will provide you with the option of translate and the same thing is applied when you copy a mobile number, link (which it'll ask you to shorten) or copy a long text (which it can read by itself if you find it difficult to read)

This app is an awesome app to try, simple to use and understand. Also works great and offline too. However if you're finding it difficult to locate your destination, read or text, shorten links, translate and Search then this app will definitely be of help to you.

Story Saver For WhatsApp:

Few months back, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature which allows the user to upload a photo, video or an animated gif as his/her status.

This same feature was also enabled in both Facebook and Instagram because all the three social networks are owned by one man (Mark Zuckerberg) or should I say that he has the bigger percent of shares in WhatsApp and Instagram.

However, the WhatsApp status which is also called 'My story', only allow the user to view the particular photo, video or gif for a maximum period of 24  hrs whereby some people will like to save the photo, video or animated gif so as to watch it later whenever they feel like.

Sadly, this feature of saving WhatsApp status which can also be called my story is not included as part of WhatsApp app. Hence, this app is created also for the same purpose, to help you save and download any of the WhatsApp story in your Android smartphone.

Thus, this app is seen as a hacking tool thereby making the developer to add disclaimer to the description in the Google play store which includes Re-uploading image/video stories and is NOT encouraged, please seek owner approval. Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.

The last but not the least, this application is not in any way affiliated with WhatsApp, though the name WhatsApp is copyright to WhatsApp Inc. Anyways, if you discover any form of copyright content in this app, please contact the developer so as to remove it.

IP Locator:

This app is also seen as a hacking application, with this application you can find the exact location of your loved ones (family, friends or who so ever you want to track).

Simply logon this website and click on GET LOGGER CODE then copy the link of Google link short url and send it to the person through WhatsApp, Facebook or any social network.

Now click on the icon that looks like an eye with the color blue and black, then click on refresh or reload button on the page (I didn't say that you should reload the page).

Copy the person's IP ADDRESS and paste it in the search button inside the IP LOCATOR app and you'll get the full details and the exact location of the person.

Like I said earlier, this is a hacking app, don't violate this app. Hence, we are not responsible for any damage it might cause to you.
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PixUp Zooper:

This is an awesome app that can be used to customize an android smartphone, it provides the phone with a unique look and feel display on the desktop background.

However, to make use of this app, you must have Zooper widget pro in your android smartphone then you can be able to integrate the look on your desktop background.

These apps PixUp Zooper and Zooper Widget Pro are paid app in the Google play store, hence you can get it free using a third party link.

Also, there's another widget by name Badge Zooper, it's a free app in the Google play store but works on Android Lollipop and above. Unfortunately, KitKat, jellybean and other lower versions of Android cannot make use of it.
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This app enables the user to talk and share your camera through Bluetooth or WiFi with anyone, this app just works like walkie talkies which allows connection between two smartphones.

In order to use this app, you need to select the feature you want to use on the both phones (if it'll be voice or camera) after this, another page will display, showing you the connection types (Bluetooth or WiFi 'server or client').

This app can be used to tighten up the security in a particular area (you can turn it into a CCTV Camera Or a Voice Recorder).

You may use it as baby monitor, or to communicate easily on motorcycle, during sport or in all the activities in which direct communication is not easy.

Note: To do this, you must have two smartphones connected together. You can place one of the smartphone in one room and stay in another room and you'll be seeing or hearing everything going on in the room clearly. This is an amazing app and it's easy to use.

The above apps are the top 5 awesome (Security, mod and hacking) android apps to try in august 2017 without root, I called them awesome because they consist of various app categories with trending features which most people haven't come across for the first time. Check out these apps and tell us what you think about them using the comment box.


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