We all use WhatsApp nowadays almost everyday, even most of us know the newly updated features of WhatsApp but there are some WhatsApp hidden tricks "features" you don't know about and these tricks makes the usage very different.

WhatsApp is a social media which gives you the ability to connect with your close ones, WhatsApp being one of the top ranking social Media Network which has about 2 billion users globally.

WhatsApp is not just a social network but it deals with the users security and privacy unlike other social networks like Facebook and many of them.

As we know, WhatsApp adds 1 or 2 features in every of their updates, behind each and every WhatsApp updates, there are some hidden features that needs to be figured out.

Maybe that could be one of the reasons why I'll be sharing with you the top 10 WhatsApp hidden tricks "features" you don't know about. Without further delay, let's get started.

★ WhatsApp Broadcast:
Most of us have been seeing this feature in their WhatsApp but they don't know what it does. However, you can still find and create this feature when you tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of your screen.

WhatsApp Broadcast is just like creating a group chat where only the people you invited can only reply you (just like a private message but many people will be chatting with you inside the WhatsApp broadcast).

★ Stared Message:
Almost all the WhatsApp users have seen the WhatsApp star located at the top of the chat, this feature is noticed only when you long-press a particular message or when you Mark some messages.

This feature is mostly used in group chat, however it can be used in a private chat.
WhatsApp stared message serves as a reminder to the user.

You can as well see all your stared messages by simply going to the WhatsApp home screen and tap the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner of your screen then you select Stared messages.

★ Full Image Quality:
WhatsApp decreases the image quality of any sent or received images, this happens inorder to send the image fast it to download it fast.

In order to send quality pictures or full resolution pictures then you have to tap on the media button in your WhatsApp then select Document, Now find the image you want to send and send it.

★ See WhatsApp Messages Without Sending Read Receipts:
This feature is just for fun or you don't feel like replying to your friends messages and you must have read the messages without letting him or her know that you have read it.

This feature doesn't demand any third-party application like many people thought, simply go-to your home screen and add WhatsApp list screen widget from there you can see all messages without it indicating that you've read it. However, if you tap on the message, it'll now indicate that you saw the message.

★ Schedule Messages:
WhatsApp messenger doesn't provide it's user the ability to schedule messages, it could be friends birthday or to schedule a meeting. Hence you can still do that with the aid of a third-party app called SQEDit

SQEDit is a tool that can help you schedule your WhatsApp messages, not just WhatsApp but also Facebook. To use this tool, you must sign up either with your Facebook ID or using a mail.

★ Send Empty Messages:
Most of us know this trick, while some doesn't. However, there's a new way on how to create WhatsApp empty messages. This can be done manually using a code or with the aid of a third-party app by name blank text (for WhatsApp).

Blank text (for WhatsApp) helps you to send an emotional messages to your friends, hence it's just for fun. If you can't send empty text messages the manual way then you can use this app.
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This app doesn't work only on WhatsApp, it also send blank messages on Facebook and other social networks. However, this blank messages improves fun.

★ Bookmark:
We all make Bookmarks for our favorite web pages to keep the webpage links as backup if we need it later, WhatsApp is a safe cloud drive where we can save anything sick as links, images etc.

To use this feature, simply create a new group, add one person and removed the person after creating the group which now makes you the only person in the group, now start sharing your files "link, images, videos etc" in the group. It's simple isn't it?

★ Create Fake WhatsApp Profile:
Now you can create fake WhatsApp profile with fake number for free, I don't think this is a new trick but I will be sharing it with you because of those who don't know it.

Sometimes we might be chatting with someone who we don't like to share our personal number with, in that case we have to use a third-party app called primo.

Simply download primo from the Google play store, register and verify your account with your email address, once you're done with it, simply request for a private number.

However, you can only use the newly generated number from primo for a maximum number of 14 days after which you'll purchase the premium from the primo app.

★ Create A Direct Chat:
We all know that before you can be able to chat with someone on WhatsApp, we must have the person's contact in our phone but you can still chat with someone without saving his or her number in your device.

Simply download this app "Wa-Direct WhatsApp" then you can add the person's phone number including the person's country code, now you can start sending message to the person without saving the contact.

★ Text Status:
In one of WhatsApp previous updates, the text status was removed which they added image and video status also known as my story.

Some WhatsApp users fired a complain about the sudden removal and now it's back with some dynamic features. You can now change fonts, colour, add Emoji and change background of the text, just as it is done on Facebook. Isn't that awesome?.

The above are the top 10 WhatsApp hidden tricks "features" though some of them might look outdated to you or you might have come across them but I bet that you haven't see or use all the above tricks.

If you still have more tricks to add in this article, please communicate with us using the comment box.


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