Loosing your phone's password is something common with people, hence they find it hard to retrieve or get their password back or to unlock it.

Security lock is something advisable all phones users should activate, hence it is to maintain your privacy and to avoid anyone from invading or going through your device without your consent but it seems that the security have turned back to hurt them.

It's obvious that the most common method to access your phone if you have forgotten your Pattern, password or pin and cannot access your email is by factory reset (flashing/formatting) into the reboot mode.

Keep in mind by following the above procedure, you'll end up loosing all your data and everything in your phone storage. So to avoid loosing all your data, you have to follow the steps in this article.

However, in this article, I'll be sharing with you how to unlock an Android phone with Password, Pin or Pattern without flashing.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is just to help those who lost their phones password, pattern or pin. Hence, this can be seen as hacking an Android device but please we advice that you use this necessarily. Also, Androbliz should not be held responsible for any damages or loss you encounter (users at their own risk).

How To Unlock An Android Phone With Password, Pattern Or Pin.
This tutorial requires a rooted Android device, so if your device isn't rooted, an sorry because this tutorial won't work for you. However, we will try to see if there's anyway to figure out about the non-rooted devices as well.
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★ Firstly, download Android lock disabler tool zip in your computer or any available device.

Note: The zipped file contains three zip folders (i.e pattern disabler, password disabler and pin disabler).

★ Copy the downloaded zip file in a removable memory card, then slot in the memory card in the device you want to unlock.

Note: You can copy the whole zipped file or a single zip folder depending on the type of security lock you used.

★ Boot the affected phone into recovery mode (Press and hold Up volume key + Power button for 5-10 sec or the phone turns on. For Samsung device or any phone that has mechanical Home key should press and hold Up volume key + Power Key + Home key).

Note: Keys to move up, down or select any option. Volume up is to move up, Volume down is to move down and Power Key is to select. In some cases, the key turns out to be vise versa depending on the type of device you use. Volume Up is to Select, Volume Down is to scroll and Power Key is to Navigate to Recovery menu.

★ After booting into recovery, on the recovery menu, select Install Zip From SD Card or Choose Zip From SD Card depending on the type of phone you use.

★ Now, locate where you copied the zip file.

★ Once you've find it, select it and it'll prompt you to confirm. Proceed and let the magic begin.

★ After that, reboot your phone and you'll notice that your phone isn't locked again. Go-to Settings => Security => You'll find out that the screen lock is written None.

Rounding Up:
Following the above procedure will enable you to unlock your locked device, hence it is not supposed for someone to lock his or her phone and forget his or her password.
However, don't misuse this tutorial.


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