Retro game is what I'll say that most of us played when we are kids, even now some of us are adults, they still have the urge to play the game because of how easy, good looking it is and most especially to pass time when they are lonely or bored.

Real retro games consists of the collection of the best games from the most popular console of the 90s - Brick Games. Gone are the days of GAME BOY and SEGA (for those who played games like me when I was small 😁), though they are more colourful and good looking than the retro games but most people prefer retro games than them because retro games come before them and grab almost the attention of many.

Now these retro games are available for free on your phones and tablets. Original sound, easy-to-use controls, various skins for devices, a full set of games, and no built-in payments and purchases. Play the classic snake, tanks, racing, tennis, shooter and other logical, sports and arcade games.

Also, in “Real retro games” are available 8 different games, you can also change the initial level and the speed for each of the games. Play and achieve the best scores, compete with friends and acquaintances.

However, to get this game running on your Android phone or tablet, simply head-over to the Google play store and download it. It's a free game and still possess the exact features of the physical retro game.


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