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How to add subtitle in a movie via MX Player
Watching movie is another good conductor to kill time when you feel lonely or bored, at the other hand - it's language which differentiates people from other people, even if English sounds and seems like the most popular language most people understands and communicate with. There are also other bigger languages like Chinese, Spanish etc which has much population of people using the language.

Have you ever think why Korea acts their dramas in their language, probably because they have much population of people using the same language. Hence, their target should only be North and South Korea but reverse is the case. Their movies are always trending and attractive to watch which almost everyone around the globe watches.

Yes, have you also ask yourself why these people make so much sales on their movies? Not because of their language and how funny it sounds but it's because their movies are subtitled which makes other people with different languages to understand what they are acting and thus, pushing the movie globally.

Subtitling a movie makes it clear and more easier to understand, you'll just be listen with your ears and at the same time reading & watching with your eyes. It's so unfortunate that most season movies in the internet are acted in native language, had it been that it was interesting wouldn't you have downloaded them? Certainly yes.

But don't you think that it'll be bored when you watch the movies without understanding what it is all about, however you don't have a lot to worry about because we have you covered. So in the article, I'll be sharing with you how to add Subtitle in a Movie using MX Player latest App 2018:

How To Subtitle A Movie Using MX Player App [2018 Tricks]:
Note: I tested the MX Player video subtitling feature with MX Player Pro, so if the free to use MX Player didn't have subtitle feature on it then download the pro version of the app.

How To Add Subtitle In A Movie:

★ First and foremost, you have to download and install MX Player on your Android device.

★ You must be connected to the Internet, either by mobile data or WiFi.

★ Open MX Player and choose the video you want to subtitle.

★ Click on the option button (three vertical dots at the top right corner of MX Player) then scroll down and tap on Subtitle.

★ Now, tap on Online Subtitle to get it from the internet.

★ Click on the Search label you'll see on the next screen.

★ Toggle on Enter your search text so as to be able to edit the name of the movie or type in the name of the Subtitle you want to search.

★ Now you'll get the lists of subtitles available for you to download.

Finally, you've successfully added subtitle to your movie and thus, watching movies can now be understandable even if you don't understand what they speak.

How To Subtitle A Movie Using MX Player App [2018 Tricks]:

If we should adopt the movie pattern of the Koreans, do you think that we can make so much sales like them? Yes, No or Maybe (give your reply in comment box).


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