Previously, we were tipped that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 flagship from Samsung will support 45W fast charging technology but there was a bit sad news as it'll not come with 45W charger out of box but 25W instead.

During that time, we come to know that the Korean tech giant indeed have produced a 45W fast charger but we can only experience how it really works but buying it separately.

While Galaxy Note 10+ happens to be only supported device to use the 45W fast charging technology, the Note 10 version supports 25W with the codename EP-TA800. Even though all Note 10 versions when sold will come with a 25W charger and hence, it is also the default charger that Samsung has supported on Galaxy A80, Galaxy A70 and Galaxy S10 5G.

What Price Is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 45W Fast Charger?

According to a reputable source at GalaxyClub, he confirmed that the EP-TA845 is the 45W fast charger that Samsung is about to introduce along with the Galaxy Note 10. Meanwhile, some European retailers have also included this accessory in their product list. He further said that the charger comes in two color variants: black & white and the corresponding code name is TA845XBEGWW and EP-TA845XWEGWW.

Until now, no official information has been confirmed that the charger will be supported on the Galaxy Note 10, but with reliable leaked rumors, it is clearly produced for Samsung's upcoming flagship. However, the said 45W fast charger costs 50EUR.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is expected to have a price range from 1149EUR in Europe. However, it'll come with 25W fast charger out-of-box and if by any chance you want to experience 45W fast charging or even the 20W wireless charging, you'll have to buy it separately.

So tell us, are you willing to spend 50EUR to buy a 45W charger for Note 10+ or do you prefer using the 25W charger it will come with? You can interact with us using the below comment box.


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