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God of war is a very famous slash action-adventure video game, programmed by Santa Monica Studio and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This game was firstly introduced in 2005, mainly for PlayStation 2 (PS2) and was later debuted for PSP.

As time goes on when Android OS was introduced to us, developers find it easier to bring in PSP features in Android phone using an emulator dubbed as PPSSPP. Thereby making it common for everyone to play PSP games right on their phone.

However, I'll be sharing with you the best PPSSPP (PSP) settings for God Of War (G.O.W): Chain Of Olympus settings for android phone.

Note: This settings is for God of war alone, though we didn't check out other games as well but you can still give it a try with other PPSSPP games.

Settings For God Of War: Chain Of Olympus:

  1. First and foremost, search for PPSSPP emulator (Gold) version 1.0.1 and download it. 
  2. Clear all your previous settings “if any.”

★ Under Graphics:
     Rendering Mode:
  • Mode: Nonbuffered rendering (speedhack).
  • Stimulate block transfer (unfinished): Toggle it ON ☑
    Framerate Control:
  • Frame skipping: Toggle it OFF but if slow then turn it ON
  • Auto Frameskip: Toggle it OFF but if slow put it to 2.
  • Prevent FPS from Exceeding 60: Toggle it ON
  • Alternative speed: 200.
  • Post Processingshader: Toggle it OFF
  • Stretch to display: Toggle it ON
  • Small display: Toggle it OFF
  • Immersive mode: Toggle it OFF

  • Rendering resolution: 2x PSP
  • Display resolution: Native device resolution
  • Mipmapping: Toggle it ON
  • Hardware transform: Toggle it ON
  • Software skinning: Toggle it ON
  • Vertex cache: Toggle it ON
  • Lazy texture caching: Toggle it ON
  • Retain changed textures: Toggle it ON
  • Display slower effect: Toggle it ON
  • Spline/Bezier curves quality: Toggle it ON

   Hack Settings:
  • Timer hack: Toggle it OFF
  • Disable alpha test: Toggle it OFF
  • Disable stencil test: Toggle it OFF
  • Force depth write: Toggle it OFF
  • Texture coordinate speedhack: Toggle it OFF
  • Depth range hack: Toggle it OFF
  • Lower resolution for effect: Toggle it OFF

★ Under Audio:
  • Enable sound: Toggle it ON
  • Audio latency: Toggle it ON
  • Audio sync: Toggle it ON
  • Sound speedhack: Toggle it ON

★ Under System:
  • Fast memory: Toggle it ON
  • Multithread: Toggle it ON
  • I/O on thread: Toggle it ON
  • I/O timing method: Fast
  • Force real clock sync: Toggle it OFF
  • Change emulated PSP's CPU Clock: 50
  • Respect FPU rounding: Toggle it ON

  • Enable cheat: Toggle it OFF
   PSP settings:
  • PSP model: PSP-1000
  • Daylight saving: Toggle it OFF
  • Date format: Choose your preferred format
  • Time format: Choose your preferred format

Note: Do not touch or edit any other settings that is not included in this write-up.
The above is the settings for God of war on Android phone, this settings is specifically for God of war. Feel free to try it on other PSP games as well because there's a possibility that it'll be suitable for it


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