Not too long ago did Huawei executives gave the world the most shocking news we never anticipated, saying that “Hongmeng” is not an Android alternative for the company.

While many leaks and rumors has pointed at the fact that “Hongmeng OS” will definitely be Android alternative as it can install and run Android apps, has Android lookalike interface and was even said to be 60% faster than Android itself.

Nevertheless, this doesn't change the fact that the Chinese tech giant has not in several occasion said that they still prefer Google's Android and they wish to be using it but if the United States will continue denying access to Google’s operating system, the company will have to come up with another plan.

Just as the Hongmeng OS, we’ve also heard reports of a certain Ark OS and Oak OS which they claim to be the international name for the OS. And now, we've started hearing that Huawei trademarked a certain Harmony, which could, or could not end up being that particular operating system they have as backup plan.

Together with this new Harmony OS, Huawei now has four potential monikers for an operating system, adding to the mystery and confusion: Hongmeng OS, Ark OS, Oak OS, and Harmony OS.

However, Huawei chairman, Liang Hua said that “in terms of smartphones, we are still using the Android operating system and ecosystem as a <<first choice>>.” This clearly hints that the company is still acting as if Android was a viable solution for the upcoming Mate 30 series.


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