Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up and effective fingerprint scanner on your Android phone in 2019 || best way to set up fingerprint on Android phone || how to unlock my phone using fingerprint after taking shower or washing clothes

Recently, fingerprint unlocking technology happens to be the most used security unlock people set up on their Android device. Of course, there are many unlocking options offered by Android which includes: pattern, pin, face unlock, fingerprint unlock etc.

Gone are days when “Patten, Pin or Password” are used rampantly. Ever since the existence of the fingerprint technology, most users fancy that compared to other security unlocking options as it is safer and faster. Although, “Patten, pin or password” are used as a supplement for it.

On one hand is face unlock which most people doesn't like, though fast but not secure as someone else can easily unlock your phone using his/her face.

While fingerprint security option doesn't function properly some times, people has also laid some complains about this issue. This problem is seen as bug or malfunction when the fingerprint scanner is unable to read your fingerprint to unlock your phone.

Well, it's neither a bug nor malfunctioning of your phone rather, the fingerprint scanner is programmed in such a way that it can be able to read your fingerprint in a normal circumstances. Hence, that's the reason I am putting up this article in order to let you know how to set-up an effective fingerprint scanner on your Android phone to avoid fingerprint mismatch.

How To Setup An Effective Fingerprint Scanner On Android Phone In 2019:

1.) Set-up:
Head-over to your Phone Settings => Security & Location => Fingerprint => Fingerprint Management.

2.) Use two fingers for one fingerprint setup:
What am I trying to say? While setting up your fingering scanner, use both the left and right finger to set up one fingerprint scanner as it only allows five fingerprint setup. However, this will enable you to unlock your phone with any of the fingers.

3.) Set-up fingerprint after taking your shower:
While you have set up your fingerprint security on a normal body temperature, your phone will only unlock under such temperature only. That's why you should also set up another fingerprint security after taking your shower as your body temperature has undergo a freezing temperatures “cold,” thereby not allowing you to unlock your phone using fingerprint security you set up in a normal body temperature. However, if you look at your fingers then, you'll notice that it is not in the same shape as it is in normal body temperature and besides, you have water on your finger which can easily mislead the scanner.


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