Just a week ago, Huawei president Liang Hua gave Huawei fans shock of their life saying that Hongmeng OS is not Android alternative and also not Huawei's plan B to replace Android if by any chance the ban is not lifted.

However, the above statement made by the company's president last week has also been confirmed by the senior vice president of the company, Catherine Chen.

She further added that Huawei  wish to continue to use Google’s Android operating system for its smartphones, whether that’s going to be possible or not. Hence it is still not clear because of the sanction given to them by U.S. Of course, Huawei does have access to AOSP, but it lost access to Google’s services.

Meanwhile, Chen claimed that Hongmeng was in development way before the media started paying attention, but the platform is intended for industrial use, and not for smartphones. It however, contains a fraction of the code that would normally go inside a mobile operating system, Chen added.


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