In less than a month, on August 7, the Korean tech giant is said to unveil their flagship Galaxy Note 10. According to reports, the said device ha said to come in two variants, Note 10 & Note 10 Pro.

While many leaks concerning this phone has been teasing tho and flo, Samsung's next year's flagship Galaxy S11 is also rendering its own leaks. On the other hand is the Galaxy Fold smartphone which is likely to be seen on shelf in the same time as the Galaxy Note 10.

Of course, after the Note 10, Galaxy S11 happens to be the next rumors to follow-up. According to the latest invention that Samsung has just approved, Galaxy S11 can be an extremely worthy smartphone for us to wait for.

On each year, Samsung registers a lot of design and technology inventions. Sometimes these designs are so far away that it becomes so difficult to be realistic for couple years or never be developed. This time around, Samsung however just approved a highly feasible design. Hence it is the solution to increase device screen size more effectively instead of folding screen.

Basically, Samsung's invention describes a device with a screen that can be extended from the right flank. It'll be of the same size as an average smartphone, furnished with 3 rear cameras and 2 front cameras in the perforated section in the center of the screen. When more space is needed, users can pull out from the right flank and the screen size will be increased by two.

For the Korean tech giant to do this, they can use a flexible screen support rail. Because there is a perforated part to place the camera, the left half of the screen cannot be moved. Therefore, the extended screen on the right can be rolled up in a tube on the right flank.

In recent years, Samsung's Galaxy S models have only been tweaked in design. Therefore, many people want Galaxy S11 will have a breakthrough in shape like in this invention.


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