Android Q is officially named Android 10! Never use dessert as the name of the system version

Not long ago, Google officially announced a new version of the Android system known as Android Q and now, Google has made it clear that Android Q will be named Android 10. Meanwhile, this OS is the 10th major version of Android.

The name Android Q has also been removed by Google, which means that the next generation of new systems will not be Android R. The renaming move was all based on feedback from users.

According to Google, the name of each version of Android comes from eatable substance like food or dessert, arranged in alphabetical order. Although very interesting and unique, in such a way that the name is not understood by many consumers.

This also makes it difficult for users to know if the Android system running on their mobile phone is the latest version. However, this change of name is to make it easier for users to understand.

Additionally, Google also changed the design of the Android logo, they changed the color of the logo font from green to black. The reason is that Google found that green is harder to read for people with visual impairments, so Google has created a new color scheme that makes it easier for users to recognize.

If there is no accident, Google will officially launch the Android 10 system in late August or early September. At the meantime, let us look forward to the arrival of Android 10.


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