This year's Galaxy note flagship happens to come with tons of features which of course is palatable. While the launch took place few weeks back, many Samsung fans have gotten their hands on the machine.

However, there are some settings that needs to be adjusted after buying the device and AndroBliz is here to guide you on how you can give your Galaxy Note 10 with the necessary settings so as to get the best out of it.

Best Galaxy Note 10 Configuration After Purchase:

1.) Familiarize Yourself With The On-screen Fingerprint Sensor:
Of course, security should be the first thing to consider whenever you get a new phone. Just like the Galaxy S10, Samsung also equips the Note 10 with an on-screen fingerprint sensor instead of on the back like its predecessor “Note 9”.

Setting up fingerprint security is relatively easy, but that shouldn't be in a hurry. Visit Biometrics and security and start the installation again to improve its speed and accuracy. Talking about fingerprint accuracy, here's how you can set up an effective fingerprint security on you Galaxy Note 10.

However, the Galaxy Note 10 uses an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, so you don't need to press hard but need to be precise. Registering a fingerprint pattern is similar to unlocking your screen. You should also register the index finger to use when placing the phone on a table.

2.) Power Key, Camera & Bixby Configuration:
Samsung removed the dedicated Bixby button on the Galaxy Note 10, and replaced it with a multi-function key that we can customize to suit our needs.

To configure the function of the key, simply go to Advanced features => Side key and start customizing. By default, double-clicking this button will launch the camera. You can switch the option to launch Bixby or any other application you want.

Additionally, you can also personalize when you press and hold this button to wake Bixby or turn off the power like other power shortcuts.

If by default is Bixby, you will have to choose another way to turn off the power for the Galaxy Note 10: Press and hold this key and the volume down key at the same time, or open the power off menu from the notification bar.

3.) Gestures & Navigation keys:
The gesture navigation system eliminates the static navigation bar, giving more display space. But it is not enabled by default but you have to enable it yourself.

To do this, head-over to Display => Navigation bar you will see all options. Whether you choose gestures or use traditional buttons, you can swap the position of the back and multitasking buttons into whatever you want.

4.) Configure Display Colors:
The Galaxy Note 10 has a default setting of Natural color for the display, but if the color reproduction is not what you want, try changing them with your preferred settings.

To do this, navigate to Display => Screen mode, you will find 2 Natural and Vivid display options available. Try switching between these two modes to see which option your eye suits better. In Vivid mode , you can drag the white balance slider to change the white balance to get the best color.

If custom white balance still doesn't satisfy you, try clicking Advanced settings to set deeper. Here, you can customize each channel red, green, blue according to your preferences.

5.) Adjust The Functions Of The S-Pen:
The S-Pen is one of the most notable upgrades on the new Galaxy Note 10 series with the addition of touchless gestures. Meanwhile, there are some features that needs to be adjusted to bring out the best of it. To do this, go to Advanced features => S-Pen and proceed with the configuration.

» Air actions: Allows you control your notes remotely. There are optional actions set with one or two button actions, in addition to gesture controls that correspond to the motion of the S-Pen while holding the button.

» Air command: A menu that pops up when you remove the S Pen from your phone. You can customize what appears inside the menu and its position to best suit the way you use the S-Pen.

» Pen proximity alert: Enabled by default, to notify you whenever you forget to insert the S-Pen into your phone.

» Sound and vibration: Sound and vibration, this you set according to your preferences.

Best Galaxy Note 10 Settings After Purchase:

The Galaxy Note 10 offers a lot of features and software. Of course, there will be some features you don't like and want to turn it off or may be adjust. With this article, we hope that your newly purchased Galaxy Note 10 serves you with the way you want it to.


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