On the 7th of this month was the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 10 series at Unpacked event held at New York City, the devices became available for consumer just yesterday being 23rd of August.

While it is reported that the Galaxy Note 10 series has made a huge sell compared the it's predecessor, more users are still eager to get their hands on the machine.

However, Galaxy Note 10 also follows the trend of perforating screen like Galaxy S10 / S10 +. But the difference is that the perforated screen on Galaxy Note 10 is in the top centre of the device while on the Galaxy S10, the perforating screen is located at the top right of the device.

Hence, the Galaxy Note 10 has quite a lot of interesting wallpaper option which of course is suitable in the screen as the camera cutout is in the middle. Most netizens are focused on looking for pictures of cartoon characters to easily coordinate with black holes on the Note 10 screen.

Additionally, some cosmic photos are also very suitable for making wallpaper to cover round holes on Galaxy Note 10. Meanwhile, here is a summary of some interesting wallpapers which can be suggested to a Galaxy Note 10 users.

We have however, compiled and uploaded them in cloud as a zip file. To download the complete wallpapers, click on this link 1 and link 2 but before then, do take your time and scroll down a bit to watch the preview of the wallpapers you're about to download.

Galaxy Note 10 Wallpaper Previews 1:

Galaxy Note 10 Wallpaper Preview 2:



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