According to Ice Universe, the notorious Samsung insider who specializes in leaking Samsung products in his Twitter account. So far, his prediction has been accurate and this time around, he has taken to Twitter to claim that the upcoming Galaxy S11 camera will bring some things which "never appeared before".

This has however raised an alarm and thus, makes people to question: Which “trump card” does the South Korean technology firm has for the next Galaxy S series flagship?

Even though Ice Universe didn't reveal anything but reminds Samsung users that if you are interested in the camera, then you should ignore the Galaxy Note 10.

Recent rumors often refer to the upgrade of available features such as sensor resolution, aperture change, ToF addition, enhanced optical zoom. All cannot be called "unprecedented" on mobile cameras.

Specifically, some sources believe that Galaxy S11 will increase the aperture, instead of at f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 as at present. This feature has been expected to be available on the Galaxy Note10, but has not yet materialized.

New technology called "liquid aperture lens" developed by a subsidiary of Corning is rumored to be available on Galaxy S11. Accordingly, Samsung is cooperating with Varioptic to add a "liquid" lens to the camera, which can change the curvature quickly when current flows.

However, the Galaxy S11 camera sensor will be upgraded strongly. Recently, the company has continuously introduced two sensors with "great" resolution for phones: 64 MP and 108 MP. In addition, Tetracell technology for better light reception, faster autofocus and improved HDR performance.

Apart from that, a partner of Samsung is building a factory specializing in manufacturing time-of-flight sensors (ToF). This is a feature that is available on the Galaxy Note10 + and is expected to become a trend in the future.

With ToF, the camera on the smartphone has the ability to better determine the depth of the scene, identify the correct face and improve the image capture of the font (portrait).

Ice Universe's tweet implies that Samsung still has a major card for the mobile camera battle, an unprecedented feature. This promises to create fierce competition with iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4 in 2020.


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