There has been talk of a Google Pixel Watch under development for quite some time. This smartwatch was actually expected last year, but it was too early for this. Still, Google seems to be working on a smart watch in the background. This smartwatch will of course use Google's Wear OS. As for the other functions, much is still unclear. A new patent may give us more insight into one of the most important functions of this Google Watch.

On the 27th of August 2017, Google LLC filed a patent that was published in the United States Patent Trade Office) USPTO database.

Which had seven patent sketches and thus includes a smart watch with a round watch case is depicted. A large circle can be seen in the middle, even though you might still think of a hybrid watch with analogue hands.

However, we learnt more information about this as the patent name suggests it to be a “Camera Watch”. This however points at Google may be working on a smartwatch that comes with a camera. Of course, this would be a good entry to the smartwatch market.

Meanwhile, neither Apple, Samsung, Huawei or LG has come up with the idea of developing a smartwatch with camera in the portfolio.

However, since it is a patent design, the functions of the watch has not been disclosed as it remains unclear whether it is an under-screen camera, possibly a gap in the screen.

Whether Google actually intends to build in a camera in the watch remains to be seen, of course, but it appears plausible since the company also filed a patent for a smartwatch earlier this year.

With this patent the watch strap was discussed in particular, however, the same round circle could also be seen with this design.

Additionally, Google seems to opt for a digital turning ring for the operation, although this cannot be deduced 100% from the images. We will not see a crown again.

Nevertheless, it is still not clear when Google will unveil its first smart watch. The watch was already expected last year, until Google itself indicated that this is not yet in place.

We have now moved on for quite some time, it is surely not inconceivable that the company simply needs more development time. Finally, Google invested USD 40 million in the smartwatch technology of watchmaker Fossil early this year.


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