The Chinese tech giant has no intention of launching HarmonyOS for its smartphone this year, still hoping to use Android

Could it be that Huawei has this plan all along or maybe it’s because of the second 90-day reprieve Huawei received a couple of days ago, but the company is doing all that can to put an end to rumors.

Even though HarmonyOS exists, Huawei has no plans on releasing a HarmonyOS-powered smartphone this year as Senior Vice President of Huawei “Vincent Yang” said “We want to maintain one standard, one ecosystem.”

Huawei still considers Android its number one option, thus making HarmonyOS a plan B. With the second 90-day reprieve it got, Huawei is hoping that the remainder of the year, and the devices it brings (the updated Mate X, Mate 30-series, and maybe some Honor phones), will be able to continue utilizing Android as a platform. What will happen at the end of these extra 90 days is anyone’s guess.

Yang briefly talked about an upcoming flagship — most likely the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro — and that it will be running Android.

According to CNET reports, “If the ban were to be enforced, Huawei would switch to Harmony on its phones, but that move wouldn’t happen until the last minute when it is certain that the company would be shut out from Android.”


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