If you have ever thought that the issues between Huawei and the US were tough, it turns out that now American companies are about to have it even worse.

President Trump has of recent taken to his Twitter account to ordered all U.S. companies to start looking for alternatives to China. Meanwhile, these orders have made Apple’s stock price drop.

Maybe twitter is not the best place to make official announcements, but President Trumps likes to tweet about many sensitive topics lately.

This Friday President Trump made some tweets focused on the economic relationships between the US and China. He even ordered all US companies to start looking for alternatives outside of China.

This signifies that many companies that have production plants in China, have to start looking elsewhere to move their operation.

Nevertheless, Apple has already started doing this, but these last tweets have also affected Apple, Qualcomm and Nvidia, since their stocks have started to drop.

The above tweets were posted after China said they would levy tariffs on US goods, and immediately after that, Apple shares went down by 4.6%. This trade war will eventually affect consumers, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.


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