iOS 13: How to add the Dark Mode quick activation option to the Control Center

Dark Mode is considered one of the highly anticipated new features on iPhone and iPad with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Using Dark Mode on iPhones running iOS 13 and iPad running iPadOS 13, users will feel more comfortable reading books or watching movies at night, without feeling sore eyes and save more battery power for the device.

If you're using iOS 13, this article will show you how to add the Dark Mode quick activation option to the Control Center so you can use it whenever needed. Meanwhile, take a seat back and please read along.

How To Add Dark Mode Quick Activation Option To The Control Centre In iOS 13:
★ Open "Settings" and access the "Control Center".

★ Continue to click on the "Customize controls" line.

★ A list of action options will appear, navigate to the "Dark Mode" section and click the "+" icon at the top.

★ The "Dark mode" action selection will appear on the "Include" list. You can now customize its position if desired.

★ The change will take effect immediately, and you can open the Control Center panel to view.

★ When you click on the Dark Mode icon, a message will appear so you can know if the mode is activated or not.

★ In addition, you can also access and quickly use Dark Mode through the Control Center by pressing and holding on the screen brightness column icon for a few seconds.

★ Then the interface to customize the screen brightness and two color mode options will appear, including Dark Mode.

★ From there you can activate or deactivate Dark Mode quickly if desired.

Done, it's simple right?


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