As revealed a little over a week ago, Bend Studio is bringing a New Game Plus mode to Days Gone today. The game’s latest addition has gone live in a free update, bringing the brand-new mode, two additional difficulty levels, and a few more trophies to the post-apocalyptic experience.

This update, Version 1.50, is quite meaty, too. Meanwhile, the update consumed approximately 13GB of space to download.

In New Game Plus, fans who have already played Days Gone will get to bring upgrades and the like from their previous save to a new game. As such, NERO boosters, skills, Drifter Bike Upgrades, camp trust and credit achievements, etc. will carry over.

Having previously completed the game’s main campaign is not a requirement, although players must get pretty close to the end.

Nevertheless, to carry a previous save file into New Game Plus, players only need to have finished the “I’m Never Giving Up” mission strand, the second to last of Days Gone’s more than one dozen story arc strands.

The two new difficulty modes however, includes Hard II and Survival II. Interestingly, the latter difficulty seems an upgrade of Survival, a level added to the third-person action title not too long after launch.

Survival makes the game’s myriad enemies even more difficult to dispatch, and alters the UI for purposes of immersion. We can only imagine how challenging Survival.

The New Game Plus’ release also means new trophies. According to Days Gone’s updated trophy list, there are three in total: “One More Ride,” “2 Days 2 Gone,” and “Logan’s Shadow.” The first two relate to the game’s completion in NG+.

However, the “Logan’s Shadow” trophy is most fascinating, as it directly references 2007’s Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, the sixth entry in the franchise.

According to the trophy’s description, player’s will earn a “mysterious new weapon” in NG+, which will likely serve to further connect the two Bend Studio series.


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