If you're a Galaxy Note 10 or S10 user then you need this super cool app as it turns your device into an interesting smartphone

While Korean giant's Galaxy Note 10 series touched the market late last month, programmers are busy developing some cool apps to make the machines more fun to use. The perforating screen happens to be one of the biggest weakness of the newly launched Galaxy Note 10.

Of course, graphic designers and developers didn't stayed quiet as they are doing everything possible to turn the Galaxy Note 10's weakness into an interesting feature.

Just a few days after the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 series, we were introduced to some unique wallpapers to blend with the perforating screen the device came with. Hence, if you haven't find any suitable wallpaper to make your Galaxy Note 10 device a unique phone to use, click on this link to download some interesting wallpapers.

While wallpapers has contributed a lot in making the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone a worthwhile device to use, programmers have also added to the beauty the wallpapers brought to the Galaxy Note 10 series by introducing Energy Ring.

Fortunately, Android is an open platform with many customizations that help deeply interfere with the UI (or user interface), so we can completely turn the "not very satisfied" designs on smartphones into support. boring.

However, the Energy Ring happens to be one of the apps that is attracting the attention of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 user community, because of its creativity and usefulness.

What Energy Ring brings is a small circle with many different colors, allowing to display the battery on the device, and replace the traditional battery icon. This circle is located in the position of the selfie camera on Note 10, helping it to show only a portion of the border out of the black circle, creating a very attractive effect.

When the battery on the device reaches 100%, this circle will cover all around the camera. When the battery is lower, the border length is also shortened, and the color is changed to blue, orange, and red. Of course, users can also customize the color of this circle.

Using the Energy Ring is considered the most interesting option, and worth considering. As at now, Energy Ring supports a lot of Samsung phones , such as S10, S10e, S10 + until Note 10, Note 10+, also helps create curved contour effects on the S8, S9, Note 9, etc


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