Here's a few tips for Galaxy Note 10 and S10 users to keep the battery of their mobile healthy and thus, avoid battery drainage and overheating.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is powered by a 4,300 mAh battery and the Note 10 is 3,500 mAh with built-in 45W fast charging feature to give users the perfect experience for long days.

While the Galaxy S10+is powered by 4,100mAh, the Galaxy S10 with 3,400mAh and Galaxy S10e powered by 3,100mAh. It is however, reported that the Galaxy S10+ lasts for almost 13hrs when surfing the internet.

Apart from the large battery, the both flagships “Note10 & S10” also learns user behavior to optimize the battery most effectively. In parallel, to have Note 10 and S10 battery always healthy, you should not ignore the tips below. This same tips can be applied on any other smartphone, be it Huawei, LG, HTC or any other device.

How To Keep Galaxy Note 10 and S10 Battery Healthy:

1.) Adjust The Screen Brightness:
With today's phones, the screen is one of the most energy-consuming components. If you are in need of saving battery power, then reducing the brightness is what you should consider first and thus, does not affect too much the experience.

To adjust the brightness on the screen, from the main screen, swipe down from the edge of the screen to open the quick access panel. At the bottom you will get a brightness adjustment bar, drag the bar to the left to reduce the screen brightness.

2.) Turn Off Background Running Apps:
Slide your finger up from the bottom left to turn on the Multitask screen. Then you select Close all to turn off all applications running in the background. Note that this method is only temporary. There are many instances where applications that run in the background are automatically activated, which can drain your battery.

To check, navigate to Phone settings => Device care => select Pin . This section lists applications that drains battery the most. If these apps are not needed, uninstall them.

3.) Use Dark Themes & Wallpapers:
Recent Samsung Galaxy phones have dark mode support to optimize the battery with Super AMOLED screen. The same goes for the Note 10 series and S10 series as well. With this type of display, pixels will use less power in dark areas, or even with black points, the pixels will be turned off.

So turning on night mode will save your device battery. Meanwhile, toggling on this feature is quite an easy task as you can simply open the option menu and click the Night Mode button to activate.

Also note that you should also change your background image to a dark background. To select the background image, head-over to Phone settings => Wallpaper and Themes => In your Wallpaper section, choose the background image that is dark.

4.) Turn On Battery Saving Mode:
Battery Saver mode is designed to optimize settings with battery priority, which conserves significant battery capacity. Thanks to device CPU performance limits, screen brightness reduction, and power off vibration feedback.

This mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series and S10 series is already optimized and just turn it on and everything will be configured completely automatically. To enable this mode, simply open the control bar and click the Battery mode button. This however, appears to be the easiest way.

Once selected, a small pop-up will display a number of additional options such as Restrict background data, Disable Always On Display, Limit CPU speed. If you need maximum savings, select all and press Apply use.

5.) Regular System Update:
Operating system updates always help the device work more stable, improve performance and occasionally upgrade features. Hence, you're advised not to miss this upgrade.

Similar to other Samsung phones running Android, you can easily check for and update the latest updates by going to your Phone settings => Software updates => click on Download and install to device check for updates. If there is a new version, you will have the option to update and that's it.


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