Here's how to install Google play store, Google play service and Google apps on Huawei Mate 30 Pro || watch video on how to install Google play store and Google app on Chinese phone 2019.

Just a couple of days ago, Huawei has officially launched its latest Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro duo with many improvements in design, performance and especially the camera compared to its predecessor.

While the device makes use of its Harmony OS, it is unfortunate that the device doesn't have any Google apps installed in it due to the ban placed on them by US government.

Of course, many people are not excited about the fact that the newly Huawei Mate 30 won't run any Google app but recently, a technology YouTuber figured a way out to put smile on the face of Huawei fans.

However, this YouTuber posted a video and tried to install the Google app on the Huawei Mate 30. Initially, he tried to install these apps by downloading from APK Mirror, but this method didn't work very smoothly as planned.

Hence, when he tried with an app designed specifically for Honor devices, which is used to install the Google Play Store for the Chinese market, the results seemed more encouraging.

At first, the Play Store on the Mate 30 did not work, but after he rebooted his device, the app worked similarly to any other Android smartphone.

According to the video owner, this is not an optimal solution because these applications are not installed from an official source. However, this will be one of the solutions for the Mate 30 / Mate 30 Pro duo at the present time, in the context of the US government ban being enacted.

Watch the below video on how to install Google play store and Google apps on Huawei Mate 30 Pro:



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