The CEO of Huawei, Yu Chengdong has taken to Weibo to announce the arrival of the Mate 30 Series. He however stated that “September 19, I will be the latest masterpiece of the Mate series in Munich, Germany - Huawei Mate 30”, “I look forward to see you together, it gives We have unlimited possibilities.”

Even though the video only shows the metal circle, the ending of the clip also revealed that the Mate 30 series will be released in Munich, Germany on September 19, 2019.

In addition with previous rumors and video renderings, it can be seen that the Huawei Mate 30 series rear camera design elements will adopt a new circular design.

As per rumors and leaks, it also hinted that the series is likely to adopt the design of 6.7-inch upper and lower four-curved surface. Hence, the left and right sides are more to achieve 88-degree curved surface.

Meanwhile, there is a saying in the industry that is "waterfall screen". The advantage of this design is that the value is online.

Previously, there are rumors that Huawei's new generation of Kirin chips will start the 7nm+EUV process, and on the basis of 7nm, the EUV lithography process will be added to further increase the transistor density, thereby enhancing the performance of the chip per unit area and reducing power consumption.

Additionally, 4000mAh+ large battery has become the iconic configuration of Huawei Mate series, coupled with the advantages of 7nm+EUV technology, its endurance has become the new Android flagship model.


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