Recently, the Wi-Fi Alliance officially announced the launch of the Wi-Fi 6 certification program, promising to bring a new era of Wi-Fi. In fact, the Wi-Fi 6 standard was introduced a year ago, and it was only recently that the official Wi-Fi 6 certification program was officially launched.

At present, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone 11 series announced that they will also support Wi-Fi 6.

According to the official introduction, Wi-Fi 6 is also known as IEEE 802.11ax and is an upgraded version of IEEE 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) . Hence, it has a maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps , which is 40% higher than the previous generation. It supports real-world enhancement and virtual reality technology and expands network capacity.

Additionally, Wi-Fi 6 brings new communication technologies and functions, such as OFDMA technology, which allows Wi-Fi 6 to serve multiple clients simultaneously in one channel.

Officials also said that many vendors are now involved in Wi-Fi 6 technology standards, including Asus , Boingo , Broadcom , Cisco , Intel , Netgear , Qualcomm , TP-Link, and Xiaomi . I believe we will soon be able to access electronic devices that support the Wi-Fi 6 technology standard.


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