PUBG Mobile Lite has a new update and it includes an exclusive new map along with changes in game modes, title system as well as a new achievement system. However, the new map is known to be Golden Woods. Hence, it is part of the game's 0.14.1 update.

The new Golden Woods map is a good addition to the game, but the update certainly has a lot to offer players. First, the update includes a new section that will unlock on October 1st. Of course, the new section also comes with new rewards and themes.

There is a new achievement system. Players can find these new achievements from the Mission Menu, along with the rewards provided after completing each. Tencent doesn't list any specific achievements, so you'll have to join the game to know.

PUBG Mobile Lite players can now modify the names and titles, which will be earned after completing the in-game achievements. While not much of a battle, titles can help players be proud of what they do.

According to Tencent, you will need to complete specific achievements and gain experience to earn the title.

PUBG Mobile Lite now has a new arcade mode. All players are given an RPG-7 level to fight. This mode is suitable for gamers who have limited game time, in addition to many new weapons as well as PP-19 submachine gun, DMB QBZ and QBU rifles.

The game also includes a number of improvements to optimize the graphics, thus helping to make things smoother.


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