Internet exposure has made it to see most of the basic configuration and appearance of the iPhone 11 series. Recently, there is an alleged iPhone 11 official publicity map on the Internet, but the difference is that this iPhone 11 design is somewhat different from the previous designs we have seen thus far.

From the leaked picture, the iPhone 11 is equipped with three rear cameras , but its camera ranking method uses a horizontal design instead of the “Yuba” design that was previously seen.

According to news report, this picture is a screenshot of the publicity page released by Apple after the release date of the iPhone 11, and it's accompanied by the words "not a different point".

On September 10 by 10 AM, at the Jobs Theatre, Apple will hold its press conference. This iPhone is however said to launch in three different styles, namely iPhone11, iPhone11 Pro and iPhone11 Pro Max.

Additionally, this year's iPhone will still use the FaceID face recognition function, and the 3D Touch function will be removed. As for color matching, the iPhone will offer two new colors, green and purple. Hence, Apple is expected to launch more new iPhone color combinations.

Talking about the configuration, the iPhone 11 series will be furnished with a new 7nm A13 processor. It is reported that this processor runs up to 500,000 or so, with a single-core score of 5,500 points. The performance is comparable to that of some X86 computer processors.

Regarding to the battery, the iPhone 11 series will be improved, the iPhone 11 is 3110mAh, the iPhone 11 Pro is 3190mAh, and the iPhone Pro Max is 3500mAh. They will support 18W fast charging technology, and the Type-C interface also adds reverse wireless charging.

Talking about the shooting and camera quality, the iPhone 11 is equipped with a 12MP main camera AI dual camera, and the other two iPhones are equipped with a 12MP AI three-camera mode, which is the main camera + telephoto + super wide-angle lens combination.

As for the price, previous leaks and banner has show it all. The iPhone 11 is priced at $749, the iPhone 11 Pro is priced at $999, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at $1,099.


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