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  1. Best Themes For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Galaxy S8.
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  3. Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Galaxy S8 Themes You Can Get In Theme Store.

For the past few flagships, Samsung has built in its Theme service that allows owners to change up the overall software look of their Galaxy device.

However, Samsung’s UI has come a long way since its Touchwiz days. While Touchwiz on the Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 was universally hated for being slow and being filled with bloatware, Samsung has made huge strides with its UI and UX starting with the Galaxy S6.

For the Galaxy Note 8 (this would apply to the Galaxy S8 too), I’ve found a few themes that go quite well with the phone. With the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung’s Experience skin has probably reached the point where it offers the perfect mix of ease of use, features and customization options.

One of the best features of Samsung’s skin is a built-in theme engine using which one can customize the look and feel of their device.

Now, if you own a Galaxy Note 8 or even a Galaxy S8, you can head into the Theme section of your Settings menu, then search for these themes specifically.

If you want to find something more suited to you, use the search option to pull up holiday themes, colors, or anything else you can imagine. I was surprised at how many options are in there, so go have some fun.

And again, you can download trials of any theme, and if you like what you see, the full versions often cost about $1-2. That’s a small price to change up the entire look of your device.

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Galaxy S8 Themes In 2020:


With Urban, your Samsung device will take on a greenish, orangish look, complete with circle icons. If circle, minimal icons are your thing, this would be a good theme to check out.

The Settings menu is bit more easy, with just a white background coupled with colored icons. It’s not too flashy of a theme, just a basic recoloring and re-skinning of icons.

Android O:

The official Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy Note 8 is still a few months away. But you can at least get the Oreo look your Note 8 through the Android O theme from developer Lucas Kendi.

In line with the white theme of Android Oreo, the Android O theme also makes extensive use of a light background. And if you use the stock Samsung Experience launcher, the theme also comes with circular icons for that perfect Oreo-y look.

Material Design:

If you ever think of a lovely and simple theme then you think of Material Design theme — there are plenty of themes to choose from inside the theme, so the choice is yours!!!

Instead of me explaining everything that a theme changes, just head straight to the theme store and download it. I will say, though, these themes change up Samsung’s icon pack, the wallpaper, notification pulldown, Samsung’s suite of applications, lockscreen, navigation buttons, and the Settings menu. Basically, everything gets themed unless you downloaded it from Google Play.

Additionally, each theme lists multiple screenshots for you to preview what you will download. Samsung also provides trials for you to test spin the theme before committing to a $1-2 purchase.


Want an out and out black theme for your Galaxy Note 8? With the device using an OLED display, it is understandable why many would prefer to use a dark theme on the Note 8 and S8.

The sd_Black theme is the best dark theme you can find on Samsung’s theme store that will quench your thirst for a dark theme. The theme predominately makes use of black and white colors for a very contrasty look.


While “Vanilla” is another Red and Black theme, this one plays with the shape and colors more so than the others I list. In fact, the pulldown menu has no red at all, and instead, opts for an off-green color. The Settings menu is somewhat grayish, complete with off-colored icons and yellow-tinted text.

Material Dark UI:

If i should recommend my most liked theme then it should be Material Dark UI, this is another Material theme but with more purple and green. It reminds me heavily of Joker from the Batman series, and frankly, that’s what makes it awesome.  I also enjoy the Settings menu, with all of the icons getting touched up to suit the theme.

Kendi Material Red:

This might be my favorite out of the five. If you’re an MKBHD fan, then you’ll probably love it, too. It’s Red and Black, again featuring a Material Design appearance.

The Settings menu is blacked out with Red icons, the pulldown is blacked out with a Red slider and icons, and all of the applications get a nice black look as well. Yep, this one is slick.


The PureAndroidUI is perfect for anyone who loves the Stock Android look and feel. The theme does a very good job of mimicking the Stock Android. Almost all the system apps are thoroughly themed to give the Pure Android look and feel on your device. Even the icons are themed to match the Stock Android. In short, this is the best Stock Android theme for Galaxy Note 8


If you are looking for a Pixel-based dark theme for your Galaxy Note 8, look no further than PixelizeD from Cameron Bunch. The quality theme perfectly matches the black background with blue accents which looks downright stunning on the gigantic 6.3-inch OLED display of the Note 8.

Switching to the theme will also theme the navigation bar on your Note 8 to make them look similar to how they look on Google’s Pixel devices.


Want a theme similar to the PixelizeD but in white? The Pixel theme offers exactly that, though it does not theme the navigation bar. It is not an out and out ‘light’ theme since the Quick Settings panel still makes use of a dark background but then it contrasts well with other UI elements which make use of a white background.

Best Customization You Can Give To Your Galaxy Note 8 And S8 In January 2020

Though there are so much of Galaxy Note 8 and S8 Themes you can get from the theme store but for now, these ones here are confirmed to be the top-notch and most recommendable theme to apply on your Galaxy Note 8 and S8. However, if you by any chance come up or see more better themes in the theme store and you want it to be included in this article, please make use of the comment box below!


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