Apple sits at the top with 234.24 billion USD as the world's best brand of the year, 2019

While iPhone 11 has improved Apple's revenue drastically, recent report claims that Apple still sits at the top as world's best brand of the year, 2019.

Of course, we are heading to the last months of the year, and this is also the stage where organizations conduct a summary of achievements throughout the year.

According to Interbrand who recently released the ranking list of the world's best brands in 2019 states that Apple's revenue increased by 9%. However, the rankings are evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Financial efficiency from products / services
  • Influence of the brand in purchasing decisions
  • Competitiveness, customer loyalty and long-term profits

This year, the rankings did not change much compared to the previous year. Also in this year, many brands have impressive growth rates such as Amazon increased 24% and Microsoft increased 17%.

Even though the leading brand is still Apple with a total brand value of up to 234.24 billion USD, second place is Google with a total brand value of 167.71 billion USD, followed by Amazon 125. 26 billion USD and Microsoft with 108.85 billion USD.

Samsung - the direct competitor with Apple continues to stay in the 6th position, brand value reached 61.096 billion USD, 2% increase over the previous year. The big change this year is the decline in Facebook's value which went down to 12% from last year.



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