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Samsung as a company has produced many kinds of electrical gadgets including phones, Talking about phones they've contributed a lot in building of many Operating system including Android Operating System.

In Samsung Android phones there are some themes that are not working properly (misbehaves) and today we've come to assist you with the best Samsung themes that is suitable (doesn't suck or has no bug) in all Samsung Android devices.

To begin with the procedure
  • Go to settings
  • Themes
  • More
  • Search.

1. (MINU) Zero White
If you like your smartphone's interface to be high contrast with subtle coloring, Zero White might be the theme for you. The theme gets its name from its predominantly white backgrounds with darker text and icons, but a few cyan accents here and there don't distract from the minimalist look.

2. (MINU) Zero Dark
Zero Dark is like Zero Light's evil twin. It's from the same developer, so the icons and accent colors are very similar to the second entry in our list, but most system menus have a black backdrop with white typeface instead.

3. Blush
Blush adds a touch of color while still being able to keep things nice and simple. Aside from the warm reddish color, you'll find white backgrounds in most apps, as well as understated icons that are quite similar to those found in stock Android.

4. Material Design
This next theme came as a result of high demand, since Galaxy owners have always been vocal about wanting Samsung to ditch the TouchWiz look and leave the interface more like stock Android. Material Design grants us our wishes by doing a great job of replicating stock Android 5.0 and up.

My Setup
I don't use Touchwiz at all... well i use its theming for apps like Settings, calculator etc. I use nova launcher, Simpax icon pack and you can make your home screen look the way you want.
(Notification UI is from Good lock)

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