Apex Legends’ Halloween Event Gets Leaked, Includes New Twist on the Battle Royale Formula

It’s around that time of year where people start putting Halloween events in their games. It seems like the upcoming Apex Legends‘ Halloween event was leaked early, and it includes a solid set of spooky surprises for players.

However, the event is dubbed Flight or Fright, and will feature a special game mode called Shadowfall. At first, in Shadowfall, the game starts off like your normal free-for-all battle royale. 60 players will drop in and be given the the task of killing each other and being the last man standing.

There’s a twist in this mode as every time a player dies they’re brought back to life as part of the “Shadow Squad”  with increased mobility and deadly melee attacks. Once the game is down to 10 surviving players the battle royale section ends and it now becomes a co-op mode.

These 10 survivors need to reach an e-vac point on the map and hold off the Shadow Squad until they can get out of there, lest they join the undead hoard.

As an additional surprise, you’re not dropping alone despite the game mode being a free-for-all. Zombies have taken over the drop ships, and will drop with the players.

They don’t actually survive the drop, they hit the ground and turn into giblets upon impact, but it serves as a way to get some quick low level loot. Meanwhile, you can also find zombies and spiders in the field, usually guarding chests with better loot inside.

More interestingly, all of this has an in-universe excuse. It’s an event set up by a figure known as Revenant. For those keeping track, Revenant is the leaked name of the next playable character being added to Apex Legends. It seems as if the event will be serving as a tease for that character.

Naturally, there are also cosmetics to go with this. The Halloween costumes for a few of the characters were leaked. Crypto will be taking the mantle of a vampire, Caustic will become a spooky looking clown, while Bloodhound is a jack-o-lantern.

Back in August a Frankenstein’s Monster costume was leaked for Gibraltar as well. In addition to this, Lifeline will be getting an heirloom set, which is a unique and very rare banner pose, melee weapon, and intro quip. Lifeline is the third hero to get a set, after Wraith and Bloodhound.


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