Yesterday, October 10th, DxOMark officially released the "DXOMARK Audio Benchmark" for mobile audio. This evaluation will test the audio recording and playback quality of smartphones and form "The DXOMARK Audio Ranking".

On the day of the release of the DXOMARK Audio benchmark, DxOMark also released mobile audio evaluation rankings from five different manufacturers, including iPhone11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy S10 +, Glory 20 Pro, Huawei Mate 20X. As well as Sony Xperia1, the final Mate 20 X ranked first with a slight advantage, while the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max ranked second and third with 74 points and 71 points respectively.

Specifically, DxOMark believes that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is only one point higher than the iPhone XS Max in the volume test. "As with the iPhone XS Max, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a very good volume and excellent performance. It scored a high score at maximum loudness, and the performance of the Apple phone is slightly higher than that of the previous phone.

Additionally, the iPhone 11 Pro Max improves the sound field width of the iPhone XS Max recording and the ability to position the sound source while playing its recording, so its spatial sense score (54 points) is higher than the iPhone XS Max (53 points). But DxOMark believes that the voice memo performance of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is basically the same as the iPhone XS Max. "I hope I can see the voice memo change from mono to stereo in the future."

In the end, DxO Mark scored 71 points for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

Play Test Advantages:
1. The overall performance of all our test projects is very good;

2. Suitable for all scenarios, especially for game audio;

Play Test Shortcomings:
1. Space rendering is not as accurate as XS Max

2. The sound loss is more than XS Max, which means that its listening experience is not as good as XS Max.

3. Stereo rotation direction is incorrect when playing music horizontally

Recording Test Advantages:
1. The flat frequency response provides excellent tone response;

2. Support high volume recording;

3. When recording video, the space performance is better than XS Max;

Recording test disadvantages:

1. There is a lack of high-end extension when recording video using the main camera;

2. The directionality of the microphone should be a little more;

3. There is still room for improvement in noise reduction;

4. Stereo support should be added when recording voice memos and conferences.


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