Apple's self-developed 5G is determined to throw a heavy buy of Intel's strongest artifact

Unknowingly, it has bottomed out in 2019, and the word "5G" has gradually entered the reality from concept. Nowadays, all walks of life have faded from the original strangeness. Companies in the field of science and technology are also trying to achieve a technological leap through 5G, which has made the topic of "5G" soaring.

According to recent report, Weifeng, a Chinese site yesterday reported that Apple  will release the 5G iPhone in 2020, but these 5G Phones use Qualcomm's baseband chips. This has caused people to guess why Apple is not developing its own 5G chip?

In the early hours of October 14, Fast Company released a report confirming that Apple plans to release its own 5G baseband chips within three years. But this needs to be achieved when everything goes as expected.

It is clear that Apple has acquired Intel's modem business at a high price, but the three-year period is obviously somewhat compact. However, we still have to affirm Apple's optimistic attitude.

According to an analysis by Reuters in early 2019, the launch time of Apple's self-developed 5G iPhone is very likely to be postponed from the original estimate of 2021 to 2022. But no matter when it is launched, this news will touch all areas of society.


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