Apple's mobile phone market demand in China increased by 230%: all because iPhone 11 is too cheap

Before the iPhone 11 series went on the market, many netizens were not optimistic about its sales. After all, the upgrade was not big, and the three shots after the Yuba were slightly ugly. Even many supply chain people are not optimistic about the sales of the iPhone 11, because it does not support 5G networks.

However, the iPhone 11 series has been re-launched after its launch, especially in the Chinese market, far exceeding the iPhone XR/XS series in the same period last year. Affected by this, many research institutions have predicted that the total shipment of the iPhone this year will exceed 200 million units, after their predictions are basically about 180 million units.

UBS's latest survey report shows that this year's new mobile phone sales in the Chinese market is particularly prominent, especially the iPhone 11 model, which is 1,000 yuan cheaper than the previous iPhone XR, which makes the new machine's cost performance directly Level.

The report also pointed out that the iPhone 11's hot sale directly boosted the demand for Apple's mobile phone in the Chinese market in September, a crazy increase of 230% compared with the same period last year. It is necessary to know that the 2018 iPhone was only listed in the Chinese market at the beginning of last year. Temporarily increased by 110%.

In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro's demand in the US market also exceeded expectations. The United States is Apple's home base and the iPhone's largest market. Analysts are not worried about the iPhone 11 series sales in the US market, but the demand for the iPhone 11 Pro in the US market still far exceeds expectations.

Before the iPhone 11 series went on the market, the outside world had never stopped the new machine. The appearance was not new, the configuration upgrade was relatively unclear. The most important thing is that it does not support 5G network. The final market performance is that the new machine is in short supply.

Although there are still many shortcomings in the iPhone 11 series, even serious problems such as fever and poor signal are frequently squandered by users, but they still cannot stop consumers' enthusiasm for buying new Apple machines. The reason is that the price of the iPhone 11 this year is indeed very competitive.

Apple iPhone 11 officially priced at $799, and some e-commerce, channel providers after various discounts and subsidies, the starting price is already below $706, such a price to buy a new iPhone is still very attractive, so for the Chinese market users In terms of the price of the iPhone 11, as long as it is relatively reasonable, even if it has various shortcomings, even if it does not support 5G, it will sell well.

Regarding 5G, Apple's absence this year is really surprising. It should be known that in the past, when the network was upgraded, Apple will launch the iPhone product supporting the next-generation network every time. Apple's absence of 5G this year may be due to restrictions on 5G chips. On the other hand, the cost of 5G network construction is far more than that. Apple may conclude that 5G networks are not so popular and commercially available.

World-renowned securities company Wedbush analyst Dan Ives released the latest analysis report, he pointed out that Apple will release four iPhone models in 2020, both supporting 5G network, motion control (motion control) and rear 3D sensing system (3D) -sensing system).



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