The latest event tied to Borderlands 3's month-long 10-year anniversary celebration has begun. Known as Eridium Week, the event is targeted at increasing your amount of Eridium in addition to the items you can use it for.

However, the event is live across all platforms, so you can jump right into it whether you're playing Borderlands 3 on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

During Eridium Week, there will be adjustments to Eridium drops for all enemies. Additionally, the items you can buy with Eridium will also lower in value, allowing you to buy more than you usually can. Below is list of changes made in the game.

Borderlands 3 Eridium Week In-Game Changes
  • All enemies drop Eridium, not just badasses, anointed, and bosses
  • Eridium drops are increased more so than they already are in Mayhem mode
  • Moxxi's Eridium slot machine will cost less to play
  • Crazy Earl's assortment of Vault Hunter cosmetic skins and special guns will cost less Eridium

For a while now, Eridium has been an important in-game resource in the Borderlands series but its role has fundamentally changed in Borderlands 3.

In previous games, you use Eridium to purchase SDU upgrades, which allow you to increase your carrying capacity for your backpack, storage, and weapon ammo.

In Borderlands 3, SDU upgrades became tied to cash, transitioning Eridium into an in-game currency for cosmetics and powerful weapons.


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